How to Write Guest Posts that Engage Readers?

Guest Posts are an imperative part of digital marketing, which is gaining momentum and is seen as an effective SEO strategy to garner maximum user attention. While there are so many bloggers out there, have you ever wondered, despite the service being free, why is the number increasing day by day? It has been observed that 60% of bloggers write for other websites, which may sound detrimental, but in reality, this is the USP of guest posting and guest blogging. Guest posting is for businesses who have just started creating blogs but don’t have the desired visibility on their website.

Here we will understand what guest posting packages comprise, the growing importance of the online marketing technique, and how marketing writers should frame and sell their content to engage readers and get maximum approvals from other websites.

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What is Guest-Posting?

Guest posts can be in the form of blogs, posts, and articles that are posted on another person’s website. The idea is to get more traffic (also known as referral traffic) and enhance brand awareness using someone else’s website. This works best for websites and businesses that are new and have low traffic, poor SERP rankings, and insignificant credibility.

Guest posting is a link-building technique that works extremely well if there is a great distance between you and your target group.

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Instead of waiting indefinitely for your voice to be heard, you must take advantage of a guest blogging service that allows you to enjoy and share the benefits of others’ hard work without incurring high-end costs on marketing. Guest posts enable:

• An established authority

• A huge flow of traffic and association with your target audience

• The right help from the other website to power your business

So, posting on websites that are already well-established can help you in getting your voice heard. Let us look at some key facts related to blogs:

  • It has been observed that more than 1.9 billion websites across the globe have generated over 600 million blogs.
  • Content marketing is one of the most beneficial ways to generate leads, claim 60% of marketers.
  • 77% of people who are online read blogs and again, 77% of bloggers have claimed that they get the desired results through their blog posts.
  • In the US, internet users spend three times more time on blogging than sending emails.
  • 41% of bloggers conduct and publish their research.

How to Search for Guest Posting Opportunities

You must use the right strategies to search for the most lucrative guest blogging opportunities for your brand outreach. Some of the key aspects that you must look for on the website are:

  • The site should provide the right platform and exposure to your blogs to the relevant audience
  • The effort should be towards building brand reputation and an attempt to expand to new horizons, especially towards secondary audiences.

To find the best websites, you can use the following methods:

Method 1 – Use Google Search using relevant keywords related to your niche to find blog pages that accept guest posts.

Method 2 – Use the Reverse Image Search technique to find relevant sites. You must visit a popular blogger’s website and copy the URL, and put it in a reverse Google image search. This will take you to all the sites where their blogs have been posted to.

Method 3 – Find Popular Guest Bloggers

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Do your research well and find out the most popular bloggers in your niche. You can find them using:

  • Twitter
  • Social media platforms
  • Refer to the ready-made list of sites
  • Blogging communities
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Method 4 – Hire a blogger outreach agency and save yourself from the hassle of taking the guest-posting to yourself. The experienced and expert professionals know the right sites to post your content at.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Site

Consider these important factors to choose a site:

  1. Domain Authority – Choose a site with a high domain authority that depicts the strength of a website.
  2. Domain Age – Always pick a site with a longer domain age which shows the experience that the site has and is a sign of credibility
  3. Relevancy – Pick the site with maximum relevancy, which will save you from black hat link-building practices.
  4. High Traffic Flow – Besides getting the benefit of a high-quality backlink, you must also pay attention to sites that have high traffic, which means more qualified leads, better conversion, and eventually a much higher ROI

What Makes a Guest Post Compelling to Readers?

Now, let us understand how you must write your guest posts so they look compelling to your audience and get approved instantly. There are certain principles and rules you must follow to create the most engaging blog posts, which are as follows:

Your Guest Posts Must Match the Voice of the Website

Before composing your blog, you must consider what kind of content, tone, blog type, and style the website adopts. You should consider and monitor the types of content they regularly share on their website, be it promotional, educational, or resourceful. Many websites expect businesses to follow the same style, which suits their target audience and matches the niche. So, you must follow the same trend to get approval.

Take a quick look at the types of messages your target website is currently posting, and try changing their writing style. Not all administrators prefer the same tone of writing.

You must be targeting the same audience that the website blog is targeting. It’s also important that guest bloggers adopt the same tone in their writing that the website or blog uses.

Make Sure Your Guest Post Structure Is Search Engine Friendly

Make sure you follow and retain best practices while framing guest posts, which are Google friendly, like:

  • Write in crisp and short paragraphs
  • Avoid using H1 in the middle of the context and stick only to H2 and H3 for the subheadings leaving H1 only for the main title
  • Frame the blog professionally with an attractive introduction and conclusion and a relevant mid-body
  • Use the right keywords related to your niche to get the right SEO attention
  • You must use relevant bullet points, and numbers for listicles and subheads

Visually Optimize Your Content

You must add meaningful and attractive images or videos to your blog. 78% of businesses have claimed that videos have helped them enhance their sales. 86% of marketers claim that video is an integral marketing tool for businesses.

Guest bloggers tend to make the content more descriptive, relevant, fun, interactive, and engaging using appropriate visuals in the form of images and videos. There are various online free video makers available that you can use to create and edit relevant business-related videos.

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Search Online Blog Writing Tools

You can search for the best blog writing tools online to find the best prospects and measure site statistics. These tools also help you to manage campaigns and enhance your brand awareness on a large scale. You can get various ideas for topics that are doing well in the industry. These tools also help you conduct competitive analysis.

It is all about minimizing your time and efforts by eliminating the manual work and ensuring that you don’t have to worry about writing blog posts, using the best awareness email template, and analyzing the competitor’s guest blogging strategy.

Focus on the “Keyword Density”

You must focus on the body of the guest post and “keyword density”. Be particular about using relevant keywords in the title of the message, first paragraph, main content, and meta description.

Make Your Content Useful by Adding Value

Give your guest post a boost and add extra value by optimizing it for social virality, new backlinks, or something else. You must quickly skim all the sections and do some research and understand what your readers are asking. Organize the information to get to the heart of the reader’s needs and concerns.

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Add the Appropriate Backlinks

Use links to authoritative sites and sites with high domain authority attaching credible statistics. It is also advisable to include an internal link, with a landing page that leads to either your website’s main page or website blogs.

Write a Guest Post with Long-Term Goals

Be concise and to the point when creating your guest post. 75% of people prefer reading blogs that are under 1,000 words and the average blog post is 1,416 words. The short text is intended to be persuasive and not informative. Make sure your content is up to the mark generates a high value and is information based on a rampant topic. The content should be so intriguing that people don’t lose interest in it. So instead of focusing on timely benefits, you must broaden your goals.

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Include a Call to Action (CTA).

Your viewers must know where they can find out more about your services. At the end of each blog, you must include a relevant call to action that can guide people to reach you, visit your website, or subscribe to your channels. A good quality CTA encourages engagement and pleases the editor.

Write an Engaging Author Bio

At the end of the guest post, you need to write a brief yet engaging author bio. You must include some random thoughts and a smart way to promote yourself and your business. Make sure your bio is simple and to the point. Talk about your achievements and the reason why the blog is worth reading. Convert this space into a mini promotion and attach a backlink.


Guest blogging is a brilliant digital strategy that includes the link-building technique and enhances social engagement. It is one of the key methods used by businesses to build brand awareness and drive referral traffic. It is extremely important how you write a guest post. You must develop a strategy that creates valuable content, is visually powerful, and guides the readers’ meaningful actions using a distinctive tone and voice.

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