How to Wash a Mattress Topper

You can use baking soda to clean stains from a mattress topper. Apply the baking soda solution to the stain and leave for eight hours. Then, vacuum it. A similar process is effective for stains made of distilled white vinegar. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and then apply it to the stain. After it has been saturated with the solution, you can vacuum the mattress topper to remove the residue.

To remove stubborn stains from your mattress topper, you can use hydrogen peroxide. This solution works well for certain types of stains, but it can damage the surface of foam and destroy its color and texture. Instead, you can use an enzyme-based cleaning solution or hydrogen peroxide. Either of these will remove stains and leave your mattress topper smelling great. After the cleaning process is finished, you can allow your mattress topper to air dry before you use it again.

Some types of toppers can be machine-washed or spot-cleaned. Some of these can be dry-cleaned, but you must remember not to submerge them completely in a washing machine. It is also not easy to fit them in a washing machine because the foam might become damaged. Hence, you must take proper care of the mattress topper. You should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to clean it properly.

After washing, make sure your topper is completely dry before putting it back on the bed. Moisture will encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which is very unhealthy. If you do not let your topper air dry, it will start to swell, which will negatively affect your health. Make sure that you air out the topper in a well-ventilated room before putting it back on the mattress.

To avoid the buildup of stains and bacteria, you can also wash your mattress topper using detergent. You should use cool water and a delicate cycle. Once it is clean, you can put it back on the bed. Be sure to remove the topper from the dryer every thirty minutes to ensure it dries completely. Moisture can lead to mold and damage the gum in the topper. And, as always, you should thoroughly dry the topper.

Apart from the stains, your mattress topper may also emit a foul smell. Because polyurethane and other materials are used to make mattress toppers, these materials can release volatile organic compounds which have a distinct smell. This is what’s known as off-gassing. If you can’t eliminate the odor, you can try soaking your mattress topper in baking soda or white vinegar. These two household ingredients will neutralize the acidic odors in the mattress topper.

In addition to washing your mattress topper, you should also clean your sheets. Some types have removable covers that you can wash while you are cleaning your bedsheets. These types of topper should be washed twice a year or so depending on how much dirt it gets. Washing it may be necessary every few months, but you can reduce the frequency by spot cleaning. However, you must wash your mattress topper if you have allergies or are concerned about dust mites.