How to Tell If He’s Hurting After a Breakup

The answer to do guys hurt after a breakup depends on a number of factors. One factor is how emotionally invested the guy was in the relationship. Some guys take more time than others to get over a breakup.

The other factor is how much the guy misses his ex. For example, if they were very close or had been together for a long time, he might have missed their presence in his life, and be feeling a lot of loss.

He may be pining for her and want to make amends. This is normal. He might even call her to see if she’s OK, or go out of his way to try and rekindle the spark between them.

Often, men hide their feelings after a breakup and don’t speak about it. They feel it’s not manly or weak to cry over someone else.

They’ll also push down their emotions and move on, which isn’t the best thing for them. As a result, they don’t experience the full spectrum of feelings that women do, like extreme sadness, anger, confusion, and failure.

If you’re wondering whether he’s hurting after a breakup, there are several telltale signs that he is:

1. He’s constantly talking to you

You might notice that he is texting or calling you all the time. He might even be asking you about your friends and work, or looking for a reason to talk with you again.

2. He’s going cold

Another sign that your ex is hurting after a breakup is when he goes cold. He might be hiding his emotions, especially if he’s avoiding the idea of you with anyone else.

3. He’s blaming himself

It’s common for men to blame themselves for the breakup and to play the blame game. This is because they’ve been conditioned to think that they have to be strong and not show any weakness or emotion.

4. He’s hopping into a new relationship without any commitment

A guy who jumps into a new relationship after a breakup is probably hurting from the split. He may be trying to distract himself from his pain, but this isn’t a healthy way to cope with it.

5. He’s erasing your memories

If your ex is hurting after a breakup, he might be trying to hide his feelings by deleting photos or videos of you two from his social media accounts. Or he might be removing any references to you from his Netflix account.

6. He’s looking for a second chance

If he’s still in love with you after the breakup, he might be seeking a chance to get back together. He might be rethinking everything about the relationship and may be hoping that you will reconsider your decision to break up.

7) He’s making promises to you

When a man is hurting after a breakup, it’s common for him to make promises to his ex that will help ease the pain. This can include pinning the blame on you for the breakup or promising to try again.