How To Spot Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses On Ebay

Buying sunglasses for a fraction of the price isn’t as impossible as it may seem. With a bit of research and some knowledge on how to spot fakes, you can get your hands on a pair of Ray-Bans that are perfect for the occasion without breaking the bank.

The best way to find a great deal is by shopping around ahead of major holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are the times when you’ll see the biggest sales on popular brands like Ray-Ban.

There are some great online retailers that specialize in sourcing the best deals on Ray-Ban sunglasses. They often have a huge selection and will also have different prices for each product type.

Packaging: All authentic Ray-Bans come with a leather pouch, a large logo on the front of the pouch, a booklet and cleaning cloth. The case should feel and look very high-quality, with a shiny metal finish on the side that says ‘Ray-Ban Sunglasses By Luxottica’.

Lenses: The lenses on real Ray-Bans are made from superior glass and should be glossy. Some newer models are made from plastic, but the majority of real Ray-Bans use acetate frames and glass lenses.

The lenses should be polarized to block out more glare and improve your visibility near water or snow. This is also a good indicator of authenticity, as fakes will have low-quality lenses that can scratch easily.

Hinges: The hinges on real Ray-Ban sunglasses should be solid and not flimsy or squeak when you open them. Fakes often have cheap, hollow hinges that squeak and may even be difficult to open.

Temples: The temples on genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses should be solid and made of a high-quality material, without any seams. They should also have no snags or rough edges.

Nose pads: The nose pads on a pair of authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses should be made of metal with a small ‘RB’ etched into the centre. They should also be adjustable to fit your nose perfectly.

Frames: The frames on genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses should be made from a single piece of acetate that is cut from one block. They should have no seams along the sides or on the top of the frames. The temples should also be well-spaced and straight.

There should be no snags or rough spots on the outside of the frames, as they are not manufactured in China and should be made in Italy by Luxottica (the parent company of Ray-Ban). They will also have no dings or dents that could indicate the frames have been damaged during shipping.

If you’re not sure about a pair of sunglasses, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty. The details of the warranty should be printed on the frame.

You should also check the box and case. The box should be silver in color and have a logo on it. The case should be made of leather, have the Ray-Ban logo on it and a snap button.