How to Set DST on G-Shock Watches

Some watches do not automatically set DST into account, which can be a problem if you travel to a time zone where it isn’t observed. If your G-Shock doesn’t feature an Auto DST setting, you must manually set the hours to the correct time to match local time.

To set your G-Shock to use DST, press and hold the Adjust button. The digital time will then flash on your Casio watch. After you release the button, the message will change to SET. To set the DST on a G-Shock watch, you must first choose a city code. Select a city code that is in the same time zone as your location.

Most G-Shock watches have four or five buttons. The A and B buttons are called the “Adjust” and “Reverse” buttons, respectively. By pressing these buttons, you can cycle through the settings, changing the time. When you are done, press the A button again to reset the watch.

Another option to set DST on a G-Shock is to use the D button to turn on daylight saving time. This is a time-saving strategy that helps to increase sunlight in the summer. In some countries, the time is changed by an hour from standard time. Pressing the D button will turn DST on, and pressing the same key again will turn it off. The D button works like an on/off switch, allowing you to change the time zone without the hassle of switching the clocks.

While Casio’s rugged G-Shock watches are known for their toughness, they also offer impressive timekeeping capabilities. They use two-layered structures and are shock-resistant to 200 meters. Other features include a daily alarm, a dual-format time zone, full auto calendar, and 8-month battery life.

A few G-Shock models can even automatically update the time by receiving a radio signal from six atomic clocks around the world. For this to work, the watch must be placed in a free area away from electrical equipment. The clock will update itself in about 20 minutes.