How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are an effective way of sharing important posts on your profile, but unfortunately there’s no native feature to reorder these highlights.

But with some clever hacks, it is possible to reorder Instagram highlights. For instance, if you want a specific Highlight to appear first in its archived state, add a Story directly before it gets archived.

How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are an easy and effective way to showcase the stories that matter on your profile. They’re ordered chronologically so the most recently uploaded story appears first in your highlights; unfortunately it is not possible to change their order manually due to Instagram’s algorithm; any changes would cause it to automatically shift towards the beginning.

Rearrange Instagram highlights can help alleviate this problem and create an organized and visually pleasing profile. While this requires extra work, this method will create more visually appealing profiles.

To reorder your Instagram highlights, first select the story you wish to alter and tap the More (3-dot icon). From there, choose Edit before choosing Cover Video in the Edit Screen – once this step has been taken you may drag and drop to desired position.

Once you’ve altered the order of your Instagram highlights, keep in mind that any changes made will apply to all future highlights and may require periodic reordering to stay current.

You can delete a highlight by tapping on the three-dot icon once more and choosing to Remove From Highlights then Delete. Deleting a highlight doesn’t delete its stories either, so if necessary you can always reintroduce them as new highlights if desired.

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1. Go to your profile

Instagram’s Highlight feature allows users to curate collections of posts and stories to display a theme-related life, interests or personality to their followers. This is an invaluable feature for content creators, influencers, vloggers and business owners as it helps them maintain followership while simultaneously increasing brand visibility more efficiently.

Instagram doesn’t offer an official way of rearranging highlights, but there is a workaround you can utilize. First, open up Instagram on your device. Next, navigate to your profile page and choose which highlight needs reordering.

After you’ve created the highlighted post, simply drag and drop it to move it within the gallery or change its cover photo as needed. Press “Done” when finished to save all changes made.

If you would like to add new highlights, simply tap the three horizontal line icon at the bottom of your screen and be taken directly to the highlights page, where you can create and modify highlights.

Reorder existing highlights by tapping the arrow in the top-right corner of each highlight, which allows you to move them around your reel.

If you want to add an individual highlight to the beginning of your Highlights reel, simply add a story into it that does not pertain to what it will become part of. When editing this highlight you can remove or change its position without issue – then repeat this process for all others that require moving them up the list.

2. Select the highlight you want to reorder

Instagram lacks a direct feature that enables users to rearrange their Highlights, but there is an alternative approach that allows for this functionality. Here is how it works:

To reorder your highlights, first select the one you wish to move, followed by selecting its new destination in the Highlighted Stories list. Next, click the three-dot icon at the top right corner and choose Edit Highlight before using the move button at the bottom of your menu to move your selected story into its desired highlight.

This method is easy and makes reorganizing Instagram highlights effortless. Just ensure to delete any no longer relevant stories before moving them to another highlight; this will prevent too many stories being added at once and make it simpler for viewers to locate what they’re searching for.

Instagram Story Highlights can be an effective way to showcase your brand and attract new followers, but due to being chronological, highlights can quickly become unorganized over time. That is why knowing how to reorder Instagram highlights is key.

There’s an easy solution for this dilemma! To do so, open Instagram and select the highlight you wish to move. Add any random Story related or unrelated to that highlight; later remove this. Finally, repeat this process until your highlights are in their proper order – iOS and Android users alike may try it and see how well it works! Give it a try today to see how well it works for you!

3. Tap the More button

Instagram introduced its Highlights feature in August 2016, enabling users to curate posts (photos or videos) into collections that appear sequentially on their profile page. Similar to Snapchat, Highlights remain visible for 24 hours before eventually disappearing off other users’ feeds.

An easy way to arrange your Instagram highlights is simply dragging content that needs moving over. Additionally, you can change any cover photo by clicking it and choosing from among multiple available images; or add or remove highlights by selecting Edit from their three dot icon in the upper right corner.

If you have more than four highlights, dragging one left or right to arrange its appearance before or after another highlight can help organize them better for smaller accounts; however, with more than four highlights it may become challenging as there is no option available to merge them all into one group.

Though Instagram doesn’t officially offer a way to rearrange highlights, there are workarounds you can employ in order to rearrange them. One such method involves adding a story to any highlight you wish to rearrange and editing its story – this way the last edited highlight becomes your new one.

Rearranging Instagram highlights may require more complex steps. One such method would be deleting stories from a highlight you wish to rearrange; just be sure that before making any adjustments or changes you make a backup copy first!

4. Tap Reorder

Instagram does not offer an in-built way of changing the order of Story Highlights; however, there is an easy workaround available.

To reorder a highlight, tap the three-dot menu on the right side of the screen and select Edit Highlight. This will open its gallery, allowing you to drag it to its new position within your list. When finished rearranging it, tap Done in the upper right corner to save your changes and complete.

Instagram story highlights are an engaging way to showcase your best content to your followers and promote your product or brand, yet can be challenging to keep organized. If you’re having difficulty selecting photos for your highlight posts, try using Canva; it will allow you to easily create customized highlights that attract more followers and increase engagement.

The best Instagram story highlight covers stand out with bright colors and eye-catching fonts, as well as clear descriptions of what the highlight is about. They should also be tailored specifically to your business and its target audience – for instance Hubspot has colorful covers which clearly state what their business does!

If you want to rearrange a highlight, add a story. This will move it back up the list; no matter if its relevance to the highlight changes. This technique is particularly handy if traveling and taking lots of photographs/videos; use this same approach when reordering other Instagram highlight posts as well; just be sure to verify when doing so!