How to Prevent White Shoes From Turning Yellow

White shoes can quickly yellow when exposed to sun, sweat and dirt; however, with proper maintenance they can look fantastic!

One effective strategy to keep your shoes white is wearing socks with them and occasionally using a shoe shine kit; you could also try using toothpaste to scrub away yellow stains from them.


White shoes can become discolored over time due to being stained by sweat and dirt, due to the porous nature of their material soaking it up and turning them yellow over time. Although difficult to remove completely, yellow stains can be prevented with regular care and maintenance.

If your white shoes have started turning yellow, taking steps to prevent their discoloration can help ensure that they will look their best for longer and remain looking new for years. By following a few easy guidelines and steps, your shoes will stay looking their best throughout their lives!

First step to maintaining white shoes: regularly using a mild soap-and-water mixture for thorough cleaning. Rinse thoroughly so as to leave no soap residue behind and store shoes in cool, dry environments out of direct sunlight.

Put on socks when wearing your shoes as this will absorb sweat and oils that could otherwise cause them to oxidize over time. Cotton socks tend to be better at absorbing moisture than synthetic ones.

One of the primary reasons that white shoes become yellowed is improper washing and drying practices. To maintain quality results, only use mild detergents when washing and thoroughly rinse after each washing to ensure no soap residue remains behind. Allow your shoes to air dry prior to wearing again – and consult a professional shoe repair shop if you are uncertain how best to care for them!


White shoes are currently incredibly fashionable, yet can be difficult to keep clean. Sweat and sunlight stains are especially vulnerable, leaving your white kicks susceptible to turning yellow quickly and detracting from their crisp look. Luckily, there are many things you can do to prevent your white kicks from turning yellow and extend their lifespan.

One way to prevent yellowed shoes is to regularly clean them with mild detergent and water, which will remove dirt and dust that accumulates on their surface. Furthermore, when they’re not being worn it’s important to store them somewhere cool and dry so as to protect their fabric from UV rays that could potentially cause irreparable damage.

One way to protect white shoes from turning yellow is to wear socks with them, which will absorb sweat and skin oils that build up on your feet, keeping them from transferrring into your shoes. Cotton socks tend to absorb more moisture than synthetic ones.

If your shoes have already turned yellow, there are several strategies you can employ to restore them back to their original hue. One approach involves soaking your shoes in a mixture of water and whitening toothpaste for several minutes in order to remove any stains and make them appear brand new once more.

Bleaching shoes to restore them back to white can also help. To do this, soak your shoes for 20 minutes in a solution of water and bleach before rinsing and leaving to dry in the sun. To protect the shoes from becoming dirty in this process, cover them with white toilet paper before leaving them out in direct sunlight.


As you walk throughout your day, dirt accumulates inside your shoes. Over time, this mud can turn your white footwear yellow; to prevent this, regularly clean and store them away from water sources like puddles. A shoe shine kit may also help preserve their colors.

One of the main reasons that white shoes turn yellow is improper cleaning. If you use detergent designed for clothing rather than shoes, this could damage their material and lead to shrinkage or yellowing of the shoe itself. Also make sure that it’s done on a warm cycle with low agitation for optimal results.

One way to keep your shoes from turning yellow is ensuring they’re completely dry before wearing them again, either using a towel to pat down after washing or by leaving them outside to air dry. If they start to turn yellow anyway, toothpaste works wonders for scrubbing off yellow stains safely from all types of shoe materials.

If your shoes have already begun turning yellow, it is essential that they be treated immediately in order to prevent further damage. Take them out of their box and wash with mild soap and water solution; avoid harsh chemicals or solvents which will further discolor them. Alternatively, soak the shoes for 30 minutes in 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water in order to lighten them – be sure to thoroughly rinse after each use, as any remaining hydrogen peroxide could damage their material and discolor further.

Wearing the Same Shoes Every Day

White shoes tend to yellow over time. To reduce this process, keep them out of direct sunlight or use a shoe protector that keeps your footwear free from dust and allergens.

Regular cleaning of white shoes is also vitally important, and soaking them in a solution of water and detergent can remove sweat stains that cause them to turn yellow over time. Before wearing them again, however, ensure they have had ample time to dry fully first.

OxiClean and similar cleaning products contain bleach, which may discolor your shoes over time and lead to them turning yellow. When using bleach-containing cleaners on white shoes, use sparingly and rinse off thoroughly afterwards.

Hydrogen peroxide may help remove yellow stains on shoes by its acidity fading the yellow hues and returning your shoes back to their original colors.

If you prefer not to use bleach, lemon juice can also help remove yellow stains on shoes by dissolving sweat and salt that stain them. Lemon acids will dissolve these deposits to quickly rid yourself of yellow-tinged footwear stains.

To keep your white shoes from turning yellow, it is best to clean them regularly using warm water and mild soap, using a clean shoe brush to scrub any dirt or dust that might be contributing to their discoloration, and store them away from direct sunlight in a dark location.


White shoes may become yellow when they aren’t thoroughly washed after washing. This happens when detergent used to launder them is left lingering after being washed off, leading to chemical reactions which turn them yellow over time.

One effective method of avoiding yellow staining on shoes is using a cleaning solution formulated specifically for shoes; this ensures the leather has an equal PH value, thus decreasing chances of early yellow staining. Another good strategy to prevent premature staining would be keeping shoes in cool and dry environments to reduce drying out and yellowing over time.

If your white shoes have begun to turn yellow, it’s essential that they be taken off immediately as this will prevent the color from fading and make them look more pristine. Sunlight can cause the colors to fade and the leather crack, further diminishing their condition.

White shoes often turn yellow due to improper care. This often happens when using detergent that’s unsuited for shoe cleaning – which could damage their material and turn yellow over time. The best way to properly cleanse shoes would be with cleaner designed specifically for them; such products can usually be found at shoe stores.

To clean your shoes properly, first remove their laces and empty them out. Fill a basin with lukewarm water, mix in one teaspoon of detergent and soak your shoes for 30-60 minutes in this solution before brushing with a toothbrush before rinsing thoroughly with fresh water. If any yellow stains remain after this procedure has taken place, try soaking your shoes in baking soda/water mixture as an additional treatment method.