How to Make an AFK Pool in World of Warcraft 1.8.9

One of the most important things to remember when creating an AFK pool is that it must not stop moving once the player exits it. This is where the second sign comes in. The second sign should be the central block of the AFK pool. It is important to make sure that the second sign is central to prevent the player from entering the pool, as it will prevent the pool from circling infinitely. If this happens, you will most likely violate the rules of your server, as you may be penalized for playing for a long time. Also, you will need to consider your auto rank system and player cap.

Using a second sign as the central block instead of a solid block

An AFK pool is an outline of a 5×5 area with a half slab containing the ground and two blocks on each side. The central block should be filled with water, and the second sign is to repel phantoms. AFK pools are not advisable for survival, as other players may troll them. The optimum number of afk pools is around 50.

AFK pools have several problems, such as the fact that the player can stop moving. Using a second sign as the central block makes the pool more reliable, but you must make sure that this is allowed on your server. For example, servers that use auto rank systems or have a cap on player numbers are not likely to allow endless circling pools.

Using afkTerminator plugin

Using the afkTerminator plugin to create an afk pool is a great way to protect your server from inactive players. By adding a special sign to the center of your pool, you can make sure that it never stops moving. Using this plugin also prevents your pool from growing too large because it automatically removes inactive players. If you have permission, you can even make your pool re-add players when they join your server again.

Using afkTerminator

One way to protect your AFK pool from inactive players is by installing the afkTerminator plugin. This program will periodically check your server’s log file for any inactive players. Using this plugin, you can remove inactive players from your list when your server restarts. This prevents the system from sending inactive players messages. In addition, players who have permission to be removed will be added back to the list when they join the server again.

Using afkTerminator is an excellent way to make your afk pool more profitable. It automatically detects overloaded servers and performs lag prevention measures. It also removes 32 Mobs and 8 entities. It will also disable the LiteBans v2.1.21 database, which is necessary for making money in World of Warcraft.