How to Lose Belly Fat by Doing Yoga

To effectively shed belly fat, you must combine aerobic and resistance training, while eating a diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Boat Pose is one of the best yoga poses to promote weight loss and belly fat reduction, strengthening core muscles while stretching abdominal muscles for belly fat reduction.


Kumbhakasana is an effective yoga posture to reduce belly fat by strengthening core muscles, improving balance, posture and general wellbeing. Beginning this pose may be challenging for newcomers but regular practice will help shed excess lard from your midriff and build a healthier body. To perform it yourself, lay with stomach flat on floor while stretching arms towards front. Raise torso off ground then hold position for six breaths. Repeat 3-6 times until satisfied.

Cobra Pose is another effective yoga posture for reducing belly fat. This pose strengthens abdominal muscles, back, and upper body while increasing spinal flexibility. To perform Cobra, lie on your stomach with feet pointing behind you; place hands beside shoulders; lift the torso off of the ground by inhaling and exhaling for six breaths while holding position; repeat this posture three or four times.

Kumbhakasana or plank pose is one of the best exercises for reducing belly fat. This pose strengthens wrists, arms and core muscles as well as helping you improve overall fitness and endurance, all of which contribute to reduced abdominal fat. Furthermore, this plank pose reduces back pain while simultaneously improving digestion. If Kumbhakasana poses are difficult for you to perform then Baddha Konasana might be more suitable.

Ustrasana, or Ustrasasana in Yoga parlance, is an effective pose to help burn belly fat. This pose stretches and tones your abs, hips, buttocks as well as your back and neck – not to mention being great fun! To do an Ustrasana pose properly start by lying on your stomach then using your arms and shoulders arch forward until your shoulders are several inches in front of your wrists; hold this position for 20-30 seconds before repeating this sequence again!

Practice of Navasana can also help to shed the unwanted belly fat. This pose provides a simple yet effective method for burning abdominal fat by strengthening abdominal muscles and aiding digestion, while simultaneously helping to lower cortisol levels in your bloodstream and regulate heart rates.


Ustrasana is an effective yoga pose to reduce belly fat. Additionally, it strengthens back muscles and increases flexibility in the legs while improving thyroid, pituitary, pineal gland function. Furthermore, Ustrasana regulates breathing patterns to increase lung capacity while stimulating abdominal and digestive organs – all providing an overall workout for the whole body!

To perform this pose, stand with feet wide apart. Shift your weight onto the outer edge of the left foot and raise it above the right foot – holding for 15-30 seconds then releasing. Repeat these steps on both legs until you arrive at camel pose – an effective way to burn belly fat while strengthening back bone muscles!

The camel pose can help ease back pain while stretching chest, neck and shoulders. It is especially beneficial for people living with thyroid gland disorders as it alleviates tension in these areas. Furthermore, this pose relaxes pelvic area so as to ease menstrual discomfort in women. People who are recovering from back injuries should consult a yoga instructor prior to engaging in this pose.

Kpotasana (or the King Pigeon Pose) is another effective yoga exercise to reduce belly fat. This advanced pose requires patience and concentration; therefore it should only be attempted when familiar with beginner poses. Note: this yoga exercise should not be undertaken if there are back issues present.

Beginners may find this posture to be challenging, but its rewards make the effort worth your while. It provides a great workout for your back, chest and hips while stretching thighs and arms that have become tight from living an sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore, this posture has also proven useful for relieving backaches while strengthening core muscles and improving posture – essential benefits when pregnant or with high or low blood pressure! However, this posture should be avoided by people with herniated discs or high blood pressure as these poses could increase stress on these organs as well.


Visceral fat accumulates as the result of overeating and inadequate physical activity. Hormonal imbalance and sleep issues may also play a part in this problem; but regular yoga practice may help to decrease it by burning calories while improving posture, balance and strengthening back muscles.

Yoga poses can also help reduce abdominal fat by improving digestion and relieving constipation and other digestive disorders, helping you deal with respiratory diseases, and relieving back pain. A 60-minute session can burn anywhere between 180 to 600 calories!

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), is one of the best yoga poses to help with belly fat loss and overall toning of your entire body. Stretching abdomen, back, chest and shoulders while increasing blood circulation to your lower extremities increases circulation to these parts of your body and benefits digestion by stimulating abdominal organs – performing this pose will also help ease bloating, constipation and flatulence symptoms.

Start this pose by lying on your mat with legs hip-distance apart and your palms beside your lower ribs, stretching feet back while pressing down with the tops of your feet to activate quadriceps, arching your torso back, and holding for approximately 30 seconds.

Parsva Dhanurasana, which is simpler for beginners to practice, offers another variation of Bow Pose. Here, one should dip their right shoulder toward the floor before rolling to their right side before returning back into their original position before repeating on their left side.

If you would like to give this pose a try, be aware of any injuries to your spinal cord or herniated discs as it could lead to dizziness or nausea; pregnant and menstruating women should avoid it as well as doing it immediately following a meal as this could cause dizziness or nausea – it is recommended to perform it early morning or late evening for best results.


Kapotasana, or Bow Pose, is an effective yoga exercise to help reduce belly fat by strengthening core muscles and increasing flexibility. The asana mimics the shape of a bow and allows you to stretch your hips and shoulders. Not only can it burn excess calories but it can also aid digestion as well as alleviate back pain or improve posture; therefore it should be practiced regularly for maximum effect.

Asana should always be practiced under the supervision of a certified teacher to avoid injury and distractions from sharp objects around. To maximize effectiveness, consider doing it early morning when your mind and body are free from distractions and your mind clear.

Pregnant women and those suffering from spinal conditions should avoid this asana, as well as advanced students of yoga who have not mastered its basics. Before practicing Kapotasana it is advised to warm up first with preparatory poses such as Eka pada kokopasana, Camel Pose, or Ustrasana to prepare your body for its more challenging counterpart.

Before beginning Kapotasana, lie down on your mat in a supine position with legs extended and hands resting alongside body with palms down facing ground. Take several deep inhalations followed by exhales. Repeat this cycle seven to ten times leaving 15-second intervals between repetitions. Additionally, Kapalbhati pranayam may increase effectiveness of this asana.

The bow pose is another yoga exercise designed to help you shed belly fat while toning thighs and abs. This pose offers a great workout for the legs, abdomen area, arms and back; plus it strengthens lung function for improved breathing capacity and an effective solution against shortness of breath.

Asana beginners will find this pose to be ideal as it does not present too many challenges. It can be done using either a chair or simply lying down on the floor, and may prove beneficial for back issues as well as those wanting to lose weight or arthritis sufferers, relieving back pain and fatigue as it improves posture while relieving back discomfort.