How to Know If the Guy You Met Online is Real

If the person’s description seems at odds with their dating pictures, it could be possible that they’re engaging in catfishing – creating a fake online profile to deceive others into sending money or personal data to them.

Genuine people will provide full disclosures in their dating profiles and be prompt in responding to messages you send them.

1. He has a lot of pictures of himself

If he keeps asking you for pictures or pleading with you to tag him in posts, it could be his way of getting his revenge on an ex or former gym teacher who thought he was gay. An excessive online display of affection could also indicate he doesn’t like you at this stage in your relationship.

However, if he seems comfortable chatting with you and feels that his photos of himself will be accepted by you, that could be an encouraging sign. These may include non-erotic shots as well as throwbacks so that you can get an accurate depiction of his true face and figure type. He might also want to give an indication of their body type so he can text you more efficiently; using this tool will reveal any hidden social media and dating profiles, photos, criminal records, etc.

2. He’s really into you

Online dating can make it challenging to ascertain if someone is serious about becoming your significant other; many instances of catfishing occur and it can be hard to tell truth from fiction!

But you can keep an eye out for certain telltale signs that an online crush is genuine. He might show interest in discussing himself and encouraging a back-and-forth dialogue; check in frequently; text or message you at odd hours etc.

One telltale sign he likes you is when he compliments you often, especially on sexual matters. Men tend to enjoy complimenting ladies they like – this could be another telltale sign! All these ways can tell if he really is interested!

4. He’s really into your interests

An interest in your life that shows up through his interest is an encouraging sign for any relationship, showing him to be invested in both you and his relationship. Also showing an interest in hobbies or other areas of life as indicators that they care.

If he’s truly into you, he will want to spend time with you directly – an indicator that they could be genuine!

Check their social media and online accounts; if their stories don’t add up or are inconsistent with what’s written there, they could be catfishing you. Use Garbo to conduct background checks – these services allow for background searches with only their first name and email address so you can see if anyone has ever been arrested, convicted, or listed on the sex offender registry.

5. He’s really into your personality

When a man truly likes you, they’ll want to know as much about your character as possible. He may ask about your hobbies, interests and even small details such as pet peeves and preferred foods.

He’ll show his interest by asking about what happened that day or emailing about funny events that occurred, and complementing you on even seemingly inconsequential details like wearing lipstick when leaving the house.

He respects your privacy and time. If someone attempts to invade your personal space or becomes annoyed if it takes longer for you to respond to his emails than anticipated, that should be taken as an indicator that this individual could be out to scam your information or money – trust your instincts and don’t fall for these fakes!

6. He’s really into your family

If he seems genuinely invested in your family, that can be taken as an indication that he’s serious about you and values its opinions.

If someone attempts to divert you away from dating sites and onto personal instant messaging platforms, be wary. Scammers use such strategies as an attempt to emotionally manipulate you before taking advantage of you by taking away money or personal details.

Attractive qualities in potential partners should include being happy in their individual lives without feeling pressured into relationships to fulfill some void in them. Being satisfied on his own demonstrates he’s not dependent upon a romantic partnership as much and capable of finding happiness alone – this quality makes for an exceptional partner!

7. He’s really into your friends

An indication that someone is genuine is when they make an effort to meet your friends, which indicates their interest and comfort with your social circle.

Conversely, if your partner only seems interested in discussing his own life and doesn’t take an interest in yours or other people in your group, that might be cause for alarm. An ideal partner should challenge and inspire their partner to grow beyond who they currently are.

When texting him about mundane topics like breakfast or the bus ride home, this can be taken as an indicator that he likes you more than ever – or at least doesn’t just need another relationship to fill some void in their lives – meaning if he didn’t care about spending time with you! He wouldn’t waste his time texting about such mundane subjects otherwise!

9. He’s really into your personality

An individual who is truly attracted to you will take an genuine interest in discovering more about who you are, the ways in which you express yourself, and the nicknames and insecurities that define who you are. He won’t use these details against you or pretend they know nothing about who you are as a person.

He’s interested in speaking about intellectually stimulating topics instead of shallow gossip or superficial talk about who’s wearing what and where. Additionally, he’s not afraid to inquire into your personal secrets – another telltale sign he cares for you beyond being just an acquaintance online.

Pay close attention to his ability to fulfill his promises and be reliable about meeting up, such as frequent cancellations or long periods of silence. Also check his dating profile and social media to make sure all information matches up.