How to Know If It’s a Rebound Or Real Love

When in a new relationship, it can be difficult to know whether the person you’re dating is real or just pretending. While feelings for them may develop quickly, that doesn’t always indicate true love; therefore, being aware of warning signs that someone may be in a rebound relationship helps protect against being taken advantage of.

1. They’re always talking about their ex

Those who have recently ended a relationship may seek out another to fill the void left by their previous one. But rebound relationships may not be suitable for everyone and it takes some time to heal from such a breakup.

2. They have mutual friends with their ex

This doesn’t necessarily signify that they still have feelings for the former spouse, but it could indicate they may still be in contact and may not have moved on yet. This could simply be a way for them to stay informed on their ex or create jealousy within them.

3. They struggle with expressing their emotions

Rebounders tend to be self-absorbed and needy, making it difficult for them to express their feelings openly with their new partner. Furthermore, rebounders may feel insecure or fearful in regards to the stability of their relationship.

4. They don’t communicate what they want

The last thing you want in a new relationship is for your partner to keep you guessing and not be honest about their needs and wants. Communication is essential for healthy relationships; having these conversations should be part of any new romance if you want it to last. 5. Lack of transparency
If your romantic interest doesn’t provide clear communication about their expectations or needs, then why even try? It could end up hurting both of you more than helping it last!

5. They seem to be moving too quickly

A healthy relationship takes time, even in a rebound one. But if your new partner seems eager to expedite the process, it could be indicative of their ineptitude for true love and it might be best to part ways now.

6. They don’t seem to put any effort into their relationship

If someone is in a rebound relationship, it can be difficult to tell how deeply they are into you. They may not seem invested or only wanting attention or having sexual activity. It could simply be for attention sake or simply wanting some fun together.

7. They Don’t Seem To Connect Emotionally

If you’re in a rebound relationship, you may notice that they seem unable to reach you emotionally, according to certified relationship coach Jonathan Bennett. This could be because they’re still healing from their previous relationship or simply that they don’t know how to move forward with a new love.

8. They don’t want to be honest about their past

Rebounders often struggle with not knowing what they want in a relationship, making it difficult to tell when they’re not being truthful. This can lead to confusion and hurt, but remember that not every relationship needs to be a rebound.