How to Jumpstart a Prius 2 Without the Use of Professional Equipment

Getting your Toyota hybrid car to start when the battery dies can be an intimidating task. However, despite the dual battery design and other unique features, it is not much different from starting any other car. This short article will explain how to jump start your prius 2 without the use of professional equipment.

While you can buy generic jumper cables at most automotive stores, we recommend investing in some that have thicker gauge wire. Thicker wire means the cables can charge your car’s battery more quickly and will prevent accidental fires or explosions. Ensure the cable ends are attached to the correct terminals of both vehicles before connecting them. Also, be sure to remove any jewelry that might pull a charge and wear eye protection when working with car batteries.

First, locate the Jump Start Terminal in your Prius. It is located under the fuse box cover in the hood of the vehicle. The positive terminal of the jump start cable should be connected to this terminal while the black negative clip is attached to the positive terminal in the assisting vehicle.

Then, turn on the engine of the assisting vehicle. Allow it to run for a few minutes and make sure the Ready indicator on the Prius is on. Once the Ready indicator is on, disconnect the red cable from the assisting vehicle and the black cable from the Prius. Once the jumper cables are removed, you should be able to restart your car. After starting the vehicle, drive it around for 10-15 minutes to allow it to recharge the battery completely.

It’s important to understand that although your hybrid battery is designed to last longer than a traditional starter battery, it should still be replaced about every ten years. This is because the battery will naturally become less effective over time, which can cause it to fail. In addition, a failing hybrid battery can be the root cause of other problems that you might be experiencing in your vehicle.

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