How to in Text Cite a Video Game 2

Video games have become an indispensable resource for researchers across disciplines. APA style provides clear guidelines for in-text citations and works cited lists entries for these sources.

Citing video games requires providing the following details: the name and contact information for the rights-holder; title and version number of game played on platform(s); date of release/publication.

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Game Title

Citing video games using MLA style requires that you include information such as the title, version, platform and publisher details as well as any additional details that might be pertinent such as names of characters or objects that appear within the game and any pertinent details; for instance if it takes place during the 1700s yet contains inconsistencies with history you could mention this in your citation: Gang Warfare Old World Console Version Electronic Arts 2020

If citing dialogue from a video game character, double quotation marks should be used around their speech. Otherwise, you could list their name in brackets; otherwise omit their name entirely if not named within text; similarly for games featuring humor or satire that do not explicitly state who their protagonists are.

An entry in a Works Cited/References list entry should include information about its author and any rights-holders; for video game titles that have an author, capitalize and italicize, just like book titles would. Give last name, initials of rights-holder, then alphabetize list. For up to 20 authors listed alphabetically.

If quoting from a video game, include its title in square brackets and publication date in parentheses as well as author information if available. When quoting online videos games you should include author’s last name initials along with title, website address and day month year publication in parentheses; URL can be left out if necessary; in cases of unknown authors please provide details on their function within the video game (for instance Koji Kondo of Super Mario games would qualify as composer in your reference list).


Video games are computer software or mobile applications that create an immersive simulation for their players to experience, providing both entertainment and education at once. While Modern Language Association citation style does not explicitly include video games as sources, general guidelines exist on how they should be cited regardless of genre; therefore any video game citation must include some key components.

Version and Platform. These details are essential in providing context to your work; for instance, the version of a video game could contain extra features not present in its initial release; additionally, different graphics or sounds could exist between versions; therefore they should always be listed after its title in both in-text citation and works cited entries.

Citing video game material follows MLA format; thus the title and italicization should be capitalized and italicized with publisher listed between brackets. If there are multiple authors listed, give their full names; for 20 or more authors use 19 initials followed by an ellipsis ().

Citing video games in MLA requires writing out its title italicized, followed by its console/device name and publication year, edition/platform number of game (this will help readers access it).

If you are discussing Jones in Gang Warfare, be sure to mention its old-world console version from 2020 as this will allow your readers to easily find the game and ensure it is suitable for their research. This information will allow them to locate it easily.

Citing video games using APA style requires including the following information in your citation: Rights-holder, Title (Version), Publisher and Date of Publication. If the game can be found online, include both website address and Citation Date as part of the citation.


Video games have become an invaluable source for scholars across many disciplines, and MLA citation format for games differs slightly from that used for other forms of media, but there are some shared elements. For instance, titles of video games should be italicized just like books and movies; their publisher should also be included with any notable versions; platforms in which they were played may also be mentioned as an addition; composers or voice artists who contributed should also be listed here as contributors.

Cite video games using MLA style by including the following information in your reference list entry: 1. Rights-holder: List up to 20 authors’ last names and initials (e.g. Watson & J. D). If there are more than 21 authors, include their first 19 names followed by an ellipsis (…) before including the last author. 2. Game Title: Provide full title without italicizing; version (version number and platform of playability), release date and any relevant additional details like producer information as follows. 3. Additional Details (If applicable): If relevant: Producer locations should also be given.

Citing video games in MLA requires including their publisher in the works cited entry. Although it may be possible to omit this detail, doing so could prove misleading for readers. If the video game was published by an established publishing house then its name should appear directly; otherwise it should be listed alongside its city of publication.

Citing video games in MLA requires providing as much detail as possible so the reader can locate and play it themselves. Therefore, when including an edition or platform game in your citations list them all separately on one line.


When writing an essay about video games, it’s crucial to include their date of release in order to help your readers locate it more quickly. Furthermore, including details on its version and platform are useful; either in a Works Cited entry or via providing a link directly to its homepage can work effectively.

Video games are unique because they’re not traditional media formats, yet can still serve as reliable academic sources for research and analysis. As such, they must be cited in the same manner as books or journals; there are a few key things to keep in mind when citing video games: author name and title of work as well as version, publisher, year and publication date are important details when doing this.

As with book titles, video game names should be capitalized and italicized, much as you would for book titles. Furthermore, always include its version number and platform of use when writing about video games. Furthermore, you could include any relevant details regarding production teams or contributors such as composer Koji Kondo in Fortnite for instance.

Your Works Cited list should also include any extra information that will assist your readers in finding what they need. For instance, if you are writing about video game characters such as an individual character, such as their name and creator. Furthermore, any remarks regarding how that character was described within its game could also be added if applicable.

MLA style in-text citations generally follow standard formatting for other forms of media, which includes including the author’s last name and page number in parentheses. When it comes to video games, however, titles should be italicized, year of publication is included parenthetically as well as including edition as different editions can contain unique features.