How to Identify a Pervate

A pervate is someone who practices sexual behavior that is considered abnormal. They are a danger to women and have a very negative reputation among the public, especially in large cities.

It is also a term that is used in criminal cases to describe men who prey on young girls, and it can apply to anyone who exhibits perverted behaviors such as kinky sex or sadism. It is not a good term to use when talking about people who are guilty of sexually abusing others, because it can cause a lot of embarrassment for the perpetrator.

There are a lot of things that can help you determine whether or not a person is a perv. These include their actions, their appearance and their behavior. You may also be able to find out if they are a pervert by reading their Facebook or Twitter profile, or by looking at their photographs and other online content.

They Can’t Stop Talking About Sex

If a guy keeps asking you questions about your past relationships and their sex, he is probably a perv. He will make you feel uncomfortable, and eventually make a mess of your life. You need to ring the alarm in your head as soon as he starts talking about it.

They Are Stalkers and Peepers

If you see a guy who always seems to be on the lookout for beautiful women, then it is a sign that they are a perv. These guys will often stand in front of a group of women and try to stalk them from all sides.

They Will Steal Your Identity and Privacy

Another way to identify a perv is to look at their social media accounts. They will frequently post pictures that you may not have seen before. This is a clear indicator that they are trying to lure you into their web of lies.

They Will Scan You from Top to Bottom Like a Liced Animal Hunting Their Next Prey

If you are walking down the street and come across a guy who is scanning your body from top to bottom, then you need to act quickly! This is because he will be tempted to take you home with him and will have no qualms about compromising your privacy.

They Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable and Scarred

If a guy makes you feel uneasy, even after all the polite talk, then he is a perv. He will snoop around your personal space and he will comment on everything that passes by him, including your skirt and T-shirt.

They Will Give You Suggestive Eye Contact

If someone is constantly staring at you, it is a sign that they are attempting to seduce you. They will ask you for a kiss, a pat on the back or some other physical touch.

They Will Pass Comments About You and Your Bodies That Are Totally Gory

If you are ever asked about your body and your sex history by a guy, then you should know that he is a perv. He is trying to make you a slave of him.