How to Have Two Skype Accounts With the Same Email Address

Skype is a powerful communication tool that can be used for voice and video calls, chat, and share photos and emoticons with your friends. You can use it on multiple devices, including desktops and mobile phones.

You can have more than one Skype account, and you can even set up call forwarding to automatically forward incoming calls to your other accounts. This feature is great if you want to have separate work and personal Skype accounts on your phone, computer, and tablet.

How to Use Two Skype Accounts at Once: Windows 10, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Microsoft offers a way to run multiple Skype accounts in the same browser by adding the Skype web page messenger to your Mozilla Plugins list (click here for instructions). This is a simple yet effective way to add Skype to your Chrome, Edge, Opera, or Vivaldi browser without needing to download the app itself.

To get started, install the Skype Web page messenger and wait for it to complete its installation. You should also have a working internet connection and a supported browser. Once it’s installed, you can sign in to the second account by entering your email address and password.

In addition to the Web version, you can also log in via Outlook. This is a great way to keep your emails in the same place while using Skype for chatting and calling.

You’ll need to connect your Outlook account with another email and a Skype account that you’d like to use. In the Create an Account window, enter the personal details of your second account and click “I Agree” to continue.

When you’re done, return to your Outlook account and click on the icon next to the login name of your second account. If you’re using the Mac OS X version of Outlook, you’ll need to go into System Preferences and select “Account Settings” in order to enable this feature.

How to Use More than One Skype Account at Once: MacOS X

To run more than one Skype account on your Mac, you need to use a special shortcut that enables your other Skype apps to run in parallel. For example, create a shortcut named “MultipleSkype” or something similar. Double-click the shortcut to open additional Skype instances.

How to Use More than One Account at Once: Linux

To add more than one account to your Linux Skype, you need to make sure that each app has the same user ID (i.e., the same user name). You can do this by going to File > New Object and selecting “User” in the resulting dialog.

How to Use More than One Profile: Linux

You can also use the same email address and username on more than one account. This is useful if you have different email addresses, such as one for work and one for personal use.

If you want to use more than one Skype account on your Mac, the best option is to use a third-party app called Seaside. It’s free and easy to install, and it works on most Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. In addition to allowing you to log in to your second Skype account, it also allows you to access all of your other Microsoft accounts with it.