How to Find the Best Pinot Grigio in 2020

Pinot Grigio has long been a favorite wine for many wine lovers. This Italian grape variety is often characterized by its bright, fruity character. A classic almond finish is also characteristic of this wine. This particular Pinot Grigio is produced from three regions, including the Veneto and Montagna regions, which all receive ample sun.

The Terlato family has been in the wine industry since the 1930s. Their Pinot Grigio has a pale yellow color with a delicate, floral aroma and a crisp texture. The fruitiness is nicely balanced by the crisp acidity. Another excellent example of Pinot Grigio is the Yalumba Pinot Grigio produced in South Australia. This wine has a subtle minerality and citrus flavor with a floral character.

The Alverdi Pinot Grigio is another Italian wine that tastes great as an aperitif. Made from grapes grown in the prime Pinot Grigio regions of Italy, this wine is vinified in stainless steel and released soon after the harvest. The wine is made to preserve the naturally fresh character of this variety. Its fruity aroma, bone-dry texture, and apple notes are noticeable. The wine has a refreshing acidic finish and is easy to drink.

A Pinot Grigio is a white grape variety derived from Pinot Noir. It is the second most popular white wine in the world. During the recent Pandemic, Pinot Grigio enjoyed a huge boost in sales. This is especially important given the wine category’s challenges, including younger generations and multicultural consumers.