How to Find Out Which Wine is Vegan

What you drink is made from grapes, so it would seem that wine is vegan, but the fact is that animal products are sometimes used in wine production. This is particularly common during a process called fining, which is a way to filter wine and remove impurities. This can result in traces of fish swim bladder, egg whites and milk protein being present in the wine.

Most wines are not vegan because of these fining agents, but there are a number of vegan-friendly options out there. Some vintners use fining agents like bentonite clay, activated charcoal and silica instead of these derived from animals to clarify and filter the wine.

This can make the wine more natural, which is great news for the planet. It’s also a good option for people with allergies as it’s easier to digest and won’t cause any adverse reactions.

If you’re looking for a vegan wine, the best place to start is by checking whether the bottle or label contains a V (for vegan) or Veg tag. These labels are not regulated by the FDA, USDA or TTB and winemakers can add any ingredient without disclosure, so this isn’t an absolute indicator.

Alternatively, you can check the producer’s website or social media accounts to find out which wines are vegan. This is a good way to get a clear idea of what’s in the bottle and you can always ask if you need more information.

Some producers are happy to list which of their wines are vegan, while others prefer to keep it private. If you’re looking for a specific wine and can’t find it listed, ask your local wine shop or contact the wine maker directly.

There are also a number of websites that list vegan-friendly wines, including Barnivore, which has been keeping a database of all vegan wine since 2001. They’ve been able to compile an impressive list of 3,606 wines from around the world!

Another helpful resource for finding out which wines are vegan is the Vegetarian Society. Their website includes a handy search engine that will help you locate wine that is vegan. They also have a dedicated page for vegan wines, so it’s easy to search by wine type and even country!

The Vegan Society has a list of its members, who are all committed to using only plant-based ingredients in their food and drinks. They include biodynamic and organic winemakers, as well as winemakers who avoid cow manure or horse ploughing in the vineyard.

Most wineries have a dedicated vegan section on their website or social media pages where they can be easily found and can answer your questions about which of their wines are vegan. Some even have dedicated winemakers who can help you find the perfect vegan wine for your tastes.

Some people choose to go a step further and become vegan because they believe that it will benefit their health, the environment and their overall well-being. This is a very valid decision.