How to Find Hunter Vestige Part B in Code Vein

Hunter Vestige Part B is an item that you can find in Ruined City Center, near the 1x Stone Crusher. You need this item in order to repair your Vestiges. These items are scattered throughout the world, and restoring one will unlock deficient Gifts and unlock memories that are sealed within your blood code.

First, you need to head north from the entrance to the cryptspire. You will find this part in a room with a wooden crate underneath. You will need to climb a ladder in order to get to this item. Once you get to the top, you can reach a secret room.

After completing Hunter Vestige Part C, you can find Hunter Vestige Part B. This is located near the intersection of three lanes. You can also access this location through the Mistle, which is located near the Ruined City Center – Parking Garage. This is the best place to collect these items, as they are easy to find and repair.

Once you have your Vestige Part, you can use it to unlock the story and quests. You can also use it to teleport to other locations. This way, you can find a map of the area. This map can help you get the items you need to level up. It will also give you access to many materials and rewards.

In addition to finding Atlas Vestige Part B, you can also look for this item in the same area where you found Part A. You can find it by climbing the ruined building. If you have a few minutes, you can go ahead and head over to part C. You can also find the parts A and C in the same locations.

You can also look for Darkseeker Vestige Part B by heading to the Dried-Up Trenches. Once you have reached the last level, you can work your way to a nearby ramp. From there, you can access the vestige. You can also search for the Eos Vestige Part A in the Crypt of the Breath.

To find the Scout Vestige Part C, you will have to travel to the Arachnid Grotto. You can find it on the other side of the big cavern room. In addition, you can find it near the stairs in Zero District. These locations are also located in the Arachnid Grotto.