How to Dry a Wubbanub

Wubbanubs are an adorable yet functional addition to your baby’s toy arsenal. Combining plush toys and pacifiers into one makes it easier for both you and baby to keep track of it; plushies provide comforting companionship for soothing little ones during sleeptime or feeding times.

These adorable stuffed animals feature sewn-in silicone Soothie pacifiers for safe, easy use. You may have seen them featured on photos posted to Facebook of contented babies.


As any parent knows, keeping baby items clean can be challenging. Drool, baby food stains and other deposits must all be eliminated for hygiene. Wash your Wubbanub regularly using baby-safe detergent in a mesh laundry bag for extra protection during washing machine cycles – once washed, allow to air-dry for the best results!

WubbaNubs are beloved soft toys beloved by both babies and parents. Combining both pacifier and plush toy features into one comfortable object that’s easier for babies to hold onto and less likely to be misplaced, WubbaNubs have even become popular choices in hospitals and NICUs due to their special design.

Wubbanub was initially created by a mother looking to soothe her fussy newborn, and has quickly become an essential piece of equipment in many infant’s lives. Cleaning one requires either machine washing with a mesh laundry bag and gentle cycle or sterilizing its nipple by immersing it into boiling water for 2-4 minutes before using or placing in a moist heat sterilizer unit for added cleanliness.


No matter the item your infant uses, including toys, bottles or any other product you may use regularly such as wubbanubs (stuffed animals used for soothing), diapers, bottles or anything else used by an infant, it must be regularly cleaned to avoid potential health hazards to your little one. Luckily, cleaning them is straightforward with just a mesh laundry bag and baby-safe detergent needed for washing purposes – after which, simply let it air dry naturally before giving back to them again.

WubbaNub was designed by a mom frustrated by her newborn’s fussiness each time his pacifier went missing, offering parents who find themselves unable to keep up with their babies’ constant needs a way out. A plush toy featuring an embedded silicone Soothie pacifier designed specifically for durability and safety – it has become a hit in hospitals and NICUs across the country!

Prior to using your new wubbanub, be sure to wash its nipple portion with warm water and mild liquid soap, followed by sterilization in boiling water for 2-4 minutes or in a moist heat sterilizer unit.

Although you can wash the plastic part of your wubbanub in a regular washing machine, for best results it should first be placed inside a mesh laundry bag to protect from crushing or being damaged by vibrations during its wash cycle. Once it has been thoroughly cleansed and air dried afterwards, lingerie or mesh laundry bags are ideal for keeping it airtight until ready for reintroduction to your child.


Wubbanubs are essential baby items that make life easier for parents. By combining a pacifier and plush toy into one product, they make life simpler for babies while being hard for parents to lose. Wubbanubs have become popular in hospitals and NICUs because they help soothe fussy infants. As any parent knows though, small toys often get dirty quickly as babies play with them; becoming covered in drool, food debris or whatever else babies throw their way – therefore knowing how to clean wubbanubs is key.

To clean a Wubbanub, begin by sterilising it – this can be done by submerging its nipple part into boiling water for around 2-4 minutes and soaking. Next, use baby laundry detergent in either a mesh laundry bag or pillow case to wash it and allow it to air dry before giving back to your child.