How to Draw an Easy Skeletal Figure

Learn how to draw an easy skeleton with these steps! The skeleton is the foundation for all other drawings and you’ll soon see why. The skeleton is made up of two main parts: the torso and the arms. The torso is divided into two rectangles, with the top chest part bigger than the bottom one, while the arms are small and wide. Next, you’ll draw the bones in the legs, arms, and wrists.

The ribcage attaches to the sternum and is separated from the rest of the body by a curve. The distance between the ribcage and the pelvis should be two vertebrae long. You’ll need to erase any guidelines that don’t belong. The jaw bone is not as wide as the upper part of the skull, so it’s important to draw a thin, flat oval.

The skull is similar to a human head, with the entire width of the face equal to the width of the eye sockets. Once you’ve sketched the basic shapes, you’ll need to refine your drawing with contour lines. To do this, you’ll need to make sure that you have the correct proportions. Once you have your drawing done, the next step will be to sketch the bones that make up the face.

When you’ve got your skeleton outlined, you can begin sketching the face. Start with the skull. The nose should be a simple arrowhead shape. Then, draw cheekbones in a triangle shape. Draw teeth in split lines. Finally, draw the jaw by drawing a half-circle below the head shape. Make the hand shapes shorter than the head. This way, you can easily place them where they should be.

After you’ve done the face, the next step is to draw the hands. Begin by developing a light pencil sketch. Be sure to refer back to your reference image throughout the process to ensure that your drawings are as realistic as possible. Next, add details and shading to the hand with the help of a pencil and eraser. Always remember to use the eraser! If you’ve made mistakes, you can erase them easily with an eraser!

Next, draw a line extending from the bottom of the jaw to the bottom of the face. It will help you decide where the eyes are on the skull. The eye line will cross the face line and likely curve a little. After you’ve done this, the body is almost complete. When it’s time to draw the hands, the next step is to sketch the fingers. You can also draw the finger bones.