How to Do a Savage Fox Model B Serial Number Lookup

If you have a Savage fox model B, you may be interested in finding out its serial number. While the manufacturer is not required to serialize your firearm, you can use its serial number to determine its authenticity. These serial numbers are usually found on the barrel of your firearm.

A Savage fox model B is a side-by-side shotgun with a double barrel. It’s very common for older models to be missing the serial number, especially the older ones. This can be frustrating, but there are some things you can do to find out more about your gun. First, you can check the manufacturer’s website. Often, manufacturers will have their serial numbers listed on their site.

The Savage/Stevens/Fox B doubles are serial numbered in the new range from 1968 to 1988. The serial numbers are stamped on the barrels and frame, and you can find your gun’s serial number with just these details. You can also find out which year your gun was manufactured and what month it was manufactured.

You can also lookup serial numbers for Stevens rifles. The Stevens Model 311 series was manufactured from 1940 to 1968. Stevens dropped the Springfield name from their shotguns in 1948, so the serial numbers are not present in this model. Stevens began using the Savage name on its rifles in 1949, and Stevens stopped using the Springfield name in its shotguns.