How to Deep Clean a Garage Floor

If you’re like most homeowners your garage is a catch-all for everything from tools to trash cans. It can be a difficult task to sort through it all and decide what is worth keeping and what should go. To speed up the process, start by pulling everything out of your garage and onto the driveway or sidewalk. It’s easier to make decisions about what you keep or get rid of when you can see the space and the items you have.

Next, sweep the walls and floors of your garage. If your garage is insulated, be sure to re-attach any insulation panels that were loose. It’s also a good idea to dust off any shelves and wipe down the walls of your garage. If the walls are drywall, you might want to use a special wall cleaner to help protect them from moisture and mildew.

You can wash the lighter stains on your concrete floor with a simple cleaning solution and a brush or mop. However, to really give your garage floor a deep clean you should consider using a buffer. You can rent these at hardware stores. They look similar to a rotary floor scrubber and use a nylon pad that’s designed to restore concrete surfaces. It’s best to start at the back of your garage and work your way out to avoid walking on your freshly cleaned floors while they’re wet.

Oil stains on your garage floor can be tricky to remove, but it’s possible. You’ll need to prepare a degreaser that is mixed at a strength of 3 parts degreaser to 1 part water. Wet the stain and scrub it with a stiff brush and then rinse it well. If the stains persist, try another approach. Older stains that have been in the concrete for a long time may require more advanced techniques.

Rust stains can also be stubborn on your concrete garage floor. They can appear as dark spots on your concrete and are caused by items such as screwdrivers, hammers or metal buckets that have rusted over time. To remove rust stains from your garage, you’ll need to use a stronger chemical that you can find at a home or builder’s supply store. You’ll also need to scrub the rusty area and may have to repeat this step several times before it is completely removed.

Once you’ve cleaned your garage floor and given it a chance to dry, you can put your things back into the space. Don’t forget to clean your garbage cans and recycling bins before you start putting them away. If you’re storing items in your garage that can attract pests such as mice, rats and roaches, store them in airtight containers with tight-fitting lids. Also, consider sprinkling your garage with a deodorizer such as peppermint, lemon, orange or sage. This will keep your garage smelling fresh and clean.