How to Convert MKV to MP4 Without Losing Quality

VLC media player features an inconspicuous option to convert MKV files to MP4. This free tool is available for Mac, Windows and Linux systems and offers preset device profiles to make conversion quick and efficient.

To use Prism console, just drag & drop an MKV file onto the console window. Alternatively, multiple files can be added at once for batch conversions.


One of the easiest and fastest ways to convert MKV files to MP4 without losing quality is with an online video converter service, such as Handbrake or YouTube’s Video Convert. These services are free to use and offer various file formats – although one drawback might be having to upload your videos directly onto their servers; this may raise privacy issues for some. Another alternative would be using software programs specifically tailored for this task such as video editing programs which include this functionality or free online tools like Handbrake which provide this feature.

Contrary to other programs, this tool utilizes a three-step process for file conversions. Simply select your files for conversion, choose your format and hit “Convert.” It may take longer than other tools but will ensure a high-quality result; plus you can select audio tracks and subtitles of your choosing!

Avidemux is another fantastic solution for converting MKV files to MP4. This open source and free program supports many file formats and codecs – making installation straightforward on most PCs. Visit its website today and download your copy!

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, open it up and add an MKV file that needs converting or merge several together into one single one. When finished, save it to its destination location on your computer.

MKV to MP4 converter is a free online service with an intuitive user interface that is accessible across most devices. Furthermore, its preview function enables you to preview results before conversion is finalised – an excellent alternative to paid programs which may result in quality loss during their services.

This free program offers an easy way to convert MKV files to MP4. Compatible with most devices and operating systems, its intuitive options make it simple even for beginners to use. Plus, its screenshot function and automatic transfer of file settings between computers make this tool invaluable!


MKV files are multimedia containers that support multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks in a single file. Common uses for MKVs are for movies, TV shows, and other forms of video content storage. Similar containers such as AVI (Audio Video Interleave) or MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) exist but MKV files have an edge because users are allowed to select different codecs for every track compared with these other formats.

MKV files are more flexible and usable across a range of devices than compressed video formats, making them popular with filmmakers and editors. Filmmakers also find MKV useful as it makes editing videos with multiple audio tracks easier. However, it should be remembered that as they are noncompressed files they may be quite large in size, making them unsuitable for all devices.

There are various online converters that can assist in the conversion of MKV files to MP4, without losing quality, in a matter of minutes. Most have user-friendly interfaces and offer rapid conversion speeds as well as HD and 4K videos – some even support multilingual subtitles!

Use appropriate software when converting MKV to MP4, as this will preserve and even improve video quality by adjusting parameters according to your requirements. Also make sure that it supports hardware acceleration for best results.

Start converting MKV files directly from your computer or via URL by importing them. Choose your target file format, click ‘Start Conversion”, and wait – once complete, download directly onto your computer!

This software also offers a free 30-day trial version for both Windows and Mac, providing batch processing and HD 3D & 4K conversion among its premium features. Furthermore, its video editor allows users to easily modify output video settings.


MKV is a container format that enables the storage of multiple audio and video tracks, enabling the creation of movies with high-quality sound and subtitles. Unfortunately, however, MKV files may not play back in all media players and editing programs; luckily there are ways to convert MKV files to MP4 without loss in quality.

One way to avoid quality loss is through using a free online MKV to MP4 converter. These sites offer numerous settings you can adjust in order to tailor the video specifically to your needs, including frame rate, bitrate and resolution settings as well as video codec and audio channel options. Furthermore, many of these converters come equipped with preprogrammed device profiles designed specifically for Apple, Blackberry or PS3 devices.

VLC, a free open source media player capable of playing MKV files, also features an option to convert these to MP4 without loss of quality. To do this, click either on “File” or Media and then “Convert/Stream.” Select your destination folder/location before clicking “Start,” – this process may take time but will maintain original quality of file.

If you need an enhanced tool for converting MKV files to MP4, try Handbrake on both Mac and Windows computers. Handbrake supports a wide range of video formats and is very fast, while also being capable of lossless compression which helps reduce file sizes without compromising quality.

Another method is using an online MKV to MP4 converter such as CloudConvert. These websites will rapidly convert your MKV files to MP4s for you – and best of all they are completely free, enabling you to convert as many files as needed! However, be mindful that they must store them on their servers, which could pose security risks. Alternatively, there are more secure alternatives such as Http://

Converting MKV to MP4

There are various methods for converting MKV files to MP4. One option is using Handbrake, a free open-source program which supports most video formats and offers conversion of MKV to MP4. CloudConvert offers similar services but requires you to upload video files onto their servers which could raise privacy concerns. VLC Media Player may also work, though its results may not compare favorably. It is best to opt for high-quality software which offers several conversion options to ensure a successful conversion experience.

When converting MKV files to MP4, it’s vital that no quality is lost during conversion. You can achieve this by choosing the highest possible quality setting. Furthermore, you can modify frame rate according to your video – both of which help ensure small file sizes while maintaining optimal video quality.

When in doubt about what settings to use, it’s best to consult a professional. They will offer invaluable information on how to optimize videos for maximum effectiveness as well as recommend the ideal settings based on your particular requirements – something which could save both time and money in the long run.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe provides another excellent option for converting MKV files to MP4, supporting various video formats from camcorders, DSLR cameras and drones alike. Furthermore, this software enables users to add external subtitles as well as edit videos using its built-in features.

Avidemux can help you convert MKV files to MP4 format more efficiently and user-friendly interface. Available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and using your computer’s CUDA or NVIDIA GPU to speed up conversion times.