How to Clean Smelly Ugg Slippers

Ugg slippers provide warmth and comfort, but over time can accumulate dirt and foot odor. Luckily, there are various methods available for you to clean them in order to get them looking and smelling their best again.

Start by purchasing a suede cleaning kit designed specifically to care for Uggs. Or alternatively, an old toothbrush can help gently scrub away stains or scuffs on their outer surfaces.

Baking Soda and Cornstarch

UGGs are made from sheepskin, making them vulnerable to everyday wear and tear and staining. If you need to clean them without using traditional shoe cleaning kits that could damage their suede material, alternative cleaning methods exist that could work just as effectively.

One way is to simply use your washing machine with laundry detergent to clean their lining, then allow them to air-dry naturally afterwards. Alternately, hand-wash your UGGs but make sure the lining has completely dried before putting them back on.

Baking soda and cornstarch can also help your uggs smell fresh by acting as natural deodorizers and can be easily found at most supermarkets. For even better odor elimination, add your favorite essential oil such as tea tree or lavender into the baking soda mix for even stronger fragrance!

Corn starch can serve as an effective alternative to baking soda in times when none is readily available, especially for dealing with grease stains. Simply pour some onto the stain, let it set for several minutes, then vacuum up afterwards. Doing this regularly should help to prevent the build-up of odours in your uggs.

If your ugg boots or slippers have begun to smell, a simple solution to keep them smelling fresh is placing a small bag of baking soda inside them. Such bags can be purchased inexpensively from supermarkets and should remain effective for several months at least, though regular replacement will ensure your uggs remain odor-free.

Protective sprays designed specifically to treat UGG linings can also come in handy, keeping them free from moisture and dirt accumulation and keeping your footwear looking new for longer. Cleaning kits may include these products; alternatively they can be purchased separately.

Dryer Sheets

Ugg slippers provide warmth and coziness for your feet, but over time they may start to smell. Their sheepskin lining can trap sweat which leads to bad odors. Luckily, there are various methods available to you for cleaning them so they smell fresh again.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your uggs smelling great is with dryer sheets. Simply place one or two inside each shoe and they will absorb any unpleasant odors to help give your shoes that fresh scent again.

Another method for keeping your uggs fresh and odor-free is shoe deodorizers. Available as spray forms, these deodorizers work by absorbing any unpleasant odors with natural ingredients that quickly absorb them from your shoes’ interior surfaces. Simple to use and available online as well as major retailers.

If your Uggs have become especially smelly and in need of a thorough clean-up, hand washing will do the trick. Just keep in mind that their interior lining is made from sheepskin which should never be washed with conventional detergents as these will damage its integrity.

Remove laces and insoles from shoes before dampening a dye free cloth with cold water. After the cloth has become damp, apply a pea-sized amount of mild liquid soap to it and begin massaging into the inside lining of your shoe until fully integrated into its interior lining. Be sure that the soap works into its entirety.

Once your Uggs have been thoroughly cleaned, it’s essential that any excess soap be rinsed away using clean cold water. After they’ve been rinsed off it’s also beneficial to blot them dry with a dye-free cloth to speed up drying times and prevent water marks forming on leather.

Try placing your Uggs in the freezer overnight to kill any bacteria causing their smell. Simply put them in a plastic bag before leaving them in the freezer.


There are various ways Ugg slippers can be cleaned, but it is vital that they don’t sustain damage in the process. UGG shoes are made out of delicate sheepskin suede material which can easily be damaged when using harsh cleaning methods such as scrubbing them or tossing them into the washing machine – using these harsh techniques can cause their delicate skin to dry out and crack while leaving unsightly water stains or odors behind.

If your UGGs begin to smell or exhibit water stains, it’s essential that you act quickly with a clean soft cloth moistening their surface area in order to alleviate odor and remove water marks that have formed. Start at the cleanest part and work your way towards dirtier sections until all surface areas have been evenly moisturized by spreading moisten across their entirety.

Once the lining has been thoroughly cleaned, it is crucial that the shoes air dry completely before wearing them again. Brushing with a soft bristled shoebrush to restore fluffiness can also help prevent future odor build-up; additionally, apply deodorizer after brushing so as to further deter smelly feet in future.

Baking soda is an easy and cost-effective solution to cleaning smelly Ugg slippers; simply sprinkle some on them for effective odor-busting and moisture absorption. Plus, its cheap cost makes it accessible in most grocery stores!

For an in-depth cleaning, try washing your Uggs in the washing machine using mild detergent and cold water. A mesh laundry bag could help protect their slippers during this process and will ensure they don’t become stretched or stretched out of shape during washing. Once washed it’s important to allow them to air dry completely before wearing again.


The freezing method works by eliminating bacteria that cause foot odor. It is a safe and natural solution, requiring no harsh chemicals or costly products – simply place shoes in a Ziploc bag and leave in the freezer overnight to eliminate odors for good! Plus, using it frequently won’t require special equipment – perfect for eliminating Ugg odors quickly!

Stains on Ugg slippers and boots can be an ongoing source of discomfort, but they’re usually simple to remedy. Remove all removable parts like laces and insoles before wiping down the exterior with a damp cloth soaked with water – this should help to avoid any potential stains while drying your shoes quickly. For especially stubborn spots, try mixing half water and half white vinegar together before dabbing directly onto them before rinsing before leaving to air dry naturally.

Fill your Ugg slippers with newspapers to absorb moisture and odors, but if they still smell bad try spraying them with grain alcohol via mist bottle before allowing them to air dry without direct heat.

One way to deodorize Ugg slippers is to add deodorizer. Deodorizers can be found at most stores and should simply be applied between wears. You could also try charcoal bags or balls which will absorb any lingering odors for a fresh scent in your shoes.

How you clean your Uggs will depend on both personal preference and available cleaning products. Keep in mind that suede fabric used for these shoes requires extra TLC when handled, as its delicate nature should be respected when cleaning them.