How to Change Time on G-Shock 5522

If you’ve purchased a G-Shock 5522 watch and are wondering how to change the time on it, there are two steps you can take to change it. First, you need to press and hold the adjust button until it makes a beep. This will bring you to the hours setting and change the time. Once you’ve changed the time, you should wind up the watch and you’ll find it will be set to the correct time automatically.

Second, press and hold down D for several seconds. This will scroll the dial at high speed, and will display the UTC city code. You can also press B and D at the same time to display the city code. This will update your watch within 20 minutes. Then, press and hold D again to turn it off.

Next, you’ll need to choose an illumination duration. This will be displayed on the screen of the watch. You’ll see a number of different illumination durations. Choose the one that matches the type of illumination you prefer. Once you’ve selected the one that suits your needs, you can adjust the brightness of the display as well. This will also enable you to read the display in the dark.