How to Change the Date on a Photo With Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software makes it possible for you to easily alter the dates on photos, but as this alteration is permanent, be mindful when doing it.

Starting with iOS 15, Apple has enabled iPhone and iPad owners to easily edit images’ EXIF metadata without resorting to third-party applications, something previously only possible via third-party solutions. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Use an EXIF Data Editor

Photos on an iPhone or iPad contain plenty of metadata relating to when and where they were captured, such as the date and time they were captured. You can easily edit this information using various apps, or modify other parts such as resolution or location.

EXIF Date Changer is an invaluable software program that enables you to quickly adjust large batches of photographs to specific dates and times, which is especially helpful if your camera was misconfigured or shooting across time zones. Furthermore, it makes adding dates of capture (such as those taken with older cameras or without EXIF data ) much simpler; making it easier for reference, sorting, and finding these photos on computers or photo gallery programs.

On an iPhone or iPad, you can also easily change the date on photos by using its built-in “Info” button – found by swiping up on an image or tapping its “i” icon – then tapping Edit Date and Time and making changes to existing dates/times on each photo. These will then save automatically at the top of the screen.

An alternative way of changing the date on photos is through batch editing tools, available both for Windows and Mac computers, which enable you to update EXIF data across a group of pictures simultaneously. This method may prove particularly helpful if you plan on sharing them online or need them with the proper time stamps.

Batch editing programs typically provide several tools for editing metadata, so make sure that when editing date change you select the tool titled “date and time.” This will ensure all of your photos have the accurate time stamps.

2. Change the Time Zone

The Photos app on your iPhone features many useful tools for viewing, organizing, and editing images. One such feature is its ability to adjust EXIF data on photographs – such as when they were taken – which may come in handy if there are multiple photos taken with similar capture dates or taken at different times in different places at once. You can change this info by selecting any photo and tapping its information icon (i) icon located at the bottom-right corner. Once done tap Adjust and enter new date/time information for that photo.

As you travel around, you may notice that some of your photos don’t correspond with each other due to different time zones. To change this on an image in Photos app, select it then tap information (i) icon for image details then “Time” option then choose new timezone from drop down list; all selected photos will adjust their times automatically!

Alternately, you can change the date of multiple photos simultaneously by selecting them all and tapping their information (i) icons on their thumbnails in the left column of the screen. Select “Adjust Date and Time”, use the calendar to choose a new date, then tap Done when finished.

Change the Date of an Image on Both Windows and Mac Computers is an easy process, provided the original files were downloaded directly from a camera or GPS device. For other programs which download images such as photosharing sites such as Facebook or Flickr you will require different methods (see here for example) for changing their timestamps. On Mac computers you have an extra way of doing it by right-clicking multiple photos and choosing Tools > Batch Adjust Date and Time in order to change all at once!

3. Sort by Date

Modern digital cameras typically feature the capability to sort photos by date; however, sometimes photo dates may not be precise due to various reasons. If you get them from social media platforms such as Pintrest or Facebook, they may not match up with when the photos were actually taken; and transferring your camera photos via USB can sometimes result in them losing their original date information.

As there are various solutions to this problem, the good news is there are ways you can address this. Keep&Share can sort images by date; or manually altering each photo’s date may work too – to do this, select an image and click its info icon to reveal metadata; this will bring up an Edit date & time pop-up which allows you to adjust dates/times directly.

Utilizing the Edit date & time menu, you can also create a duplicate image with identical date/time information in case an accidental edit alters your original file – especially useful if using multiple camera bodies and organizing photos by date!

One effective method for organizing photos by date is creating folders. For instance, create one for every year or month that you took pictures in, then arrange all your images within that folder according to their date of capture. This will keep all your memories organized according to date for easy retrieval later.

Keep&Share offers simple ways to organize your photos quickly. Sorting by date, folder name or other criteria may work, or try using its “Customize” screen to sort photos automatically by file data – saving both time and effort while providing peace-of-mind that all your memories will be safely protected in case they ever need recovering!

4. Use a Calendar

Using a calendar app that lets you create photo books or calendars is an easy way to edit photos with different dates. Simply select your images, choose a layout, add text where needed, click “Save,” and your images will be stored as high-resolution image files.

Date stamps on photos can help organize them and keep track of when they were taken, while also being useful if one or more are mislabeled, or you have duplicates with different dates. It should be noted, though, that this method works best with images with fixed dates such as wedding photos or family vacation pictures.

Google Photos allows you to change the date on any photo by selecting it, clicking on its three dots at the top right corner, then choosing Edit Date & Time from the drop-down list of options in its upper-right corner and editing that photo’s dates and times – either Shift Dates and Times or Set One Date and Time options will enable this. Shift will change all selected photos whereas Set will only change one photo at a time.

This method is similar to updating the date on photos in Windows or Apple’s Photos program. On Windows, select a photo, click Info button to bring up Date Taken field and manually enter in correct date manually. On Apple’s Photos app you can change date by selecting it and clicking Adjust Date/Time button.

Keep in mind, though, that any changes you make to a photo’s date or time in Google Photos will affect all selected photos in your account, potentially shifting older photos back in your timeline by altering their dates.