How to Burn iTunes Songs to a CD

Apple Music is a fantastic service that lets you stream your favorite songs for free on your iOS devices. If you want to play your Apple Music on a regular CD player or car stereo, however, you may find it difficult to do so.

The reason for this is that the AAC/M4P format that iTunes uses for Apple Music carries DRM encryption from the music company. That means you can’t burn those songs to a CD without losing the DRM protection. You’ll need to remove the DRM from your Apple Music files first.

You can then use a third-party program to burn those songs onto a CD. Some programs are free and support a variety of audio formats, such as mgBurn, which supports lots of audio formats including AAC, APE, FLAC and M4A.

Step 1: Download and run the program.

Then open the program and select “Write Files/Folder to Disc” from the main interface.

2. Create Cue / playlist (optional): You can add a “CUE” or “Playlist” file to the program which will allow you to choose the specific songs you want to burn on a disc. This will allow the program to know which song should be played on the disc when it’s finished.

3. Choose the ‘Burn Speed’ and ‘Disk Format’: You can change these settings for faster burning or to better retain the original quality of the audio.

4. Click “Burn” to start burning:

When you’re ready to start burning your songs to a CD, iTunes will ask you whether to insert a blank CD. If you answer yes, you’ll be given a popup window that allows you to choose whether to burn the data on the CD to an Audio CD or a MP3 CD. This option will make the disc compatible with standard CD players and computers, as well as some newer home decks.

5. If your music is a large size, you may have problems burning your files to CD; consult the readout on the window for help determining if the songs you want to burn will fit on a standard 700MB disc.

6. It’s best to back up your songs regularly so that you can restore them if something happens to your computer.

If you want to keep a backup of your iTunes songs, you can simply make a copy of the “Purchased Music” playlist in iTunes and burn it to a CD using that copy. This is a great option if you’re looking to avoid losing your music should you ever have to reformat your hard drive or if you’re planning on moving your iTunes library to another computer.

If you have a large collection of songs in the iTunes store, it can be very time-consuming to manually convert them to a format that will work on your computer’s CD burner. That’s why some people prefer to use a third-party tool like iMusic, which will let you burn your songs to a CD in the most efficient way possible.