How to Build Wooden Garden Gates

Choosing wooden garden gates is an excellent way to secure and beautify your garden. These gates are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Depending on your requirements, you can make them taller or lower depending on the style and material you choose. Wooden garden gates can be taller by using screws or rope or twine, while plastic and metal gates can be made taller by using zip ties. However, it is essential to check local zoning laws before implementing this project.

The first thing to do when building a wooden gate is to measure the width of your opening. Take the width of your gate and subtract 25mm for posts that are not perfectly level. This is because the gate will need a little clearance space. Next, cut two 4×1 lumber rails at an appropriate length. The top and bottom rails should be at the same height, and the centre rail should be parallel with them.

Once you have measured your opening, you can then start to design your wooden garden gate. A tall gate can provide secure access to your property, while a shorter gate creates a more welcoming entrance. A good wooden gate should be easy to install and will fit in a jiffy. Whether you opt for a right or left hung installation, a wooden gate will add charm and value to your garden.