How to Back out of Technology and Social Media

There may come a strange time when you feel like you want to go off the grid altogether. It may seem like an undoable task, but you can still disappear somewhat. These are some tips that might help you wean yourself off of social media and all technology:

Set a Goal

The first helpful thing you must do is set a goal for how much you will cut down on social media use. If you go on there every day, you may want to set your goal to go down to only one per week. Then, reduce the amount you go on to one a month and then not at all.

Find Other Things to Do

You might need to find some other things to distract yourself. Find something you love to do, like book reading, music creation, or home exercises. Do those things as much as possible.

Downgrade Your Phone

Another thing you may also need to do is downgrade your phone. People are on their cell phones all the time because they’re so advanced. Thus, you may want to trade your phone in for an old-school flip phone that doesn’t have all the technology. You may be able to obtain that phone through the Lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based program if you have a fairly low income and qualify for the plan. You could also get a smartphone, but the idea is to take it down a notch so that you won’t have all the mesmerizing features.

Those are some tips for helping you to back off from using too much social media if it has become a serious problem for you. Try some of them until you feel comfortable where you’re at in society. You can always go back to social media if you find that you miss it a whole lot.

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