How to Assess a J.B. Van Sciver Furniture Value

When you’re looking to buy a vintage or antique piece of furniture, you might want to consider J.B. Van Sciver. This company started out in Camden, New Jersey in 1881 and went on to become a major player in the furniture business. The company eventually expanded to other locations, including Allentown. In the early 1970s, competition from foreign imports and other manufacturers caused sales to decline. However, the company’s legacy lives on.

The company was founded in 1881, and its popularity peaked during the 1930s-1950s. Today, you can find many pieces by this furniture company on websites such as Chairish. These pieces range from elegant French Victorian chairs to Hollywood Regency tables to Mid-Century Modern wood furnishings. The buffet table is a great example of a piece from this era.

Whether you’re interested in antique or vintage furniture, there are several ways to assess its value. The style of the piece can greatly affect its price. A vintage piece made by this company can fetch over four thousand dollars. You can also research the size of the piece. If it is small, you may want to consider selling it online or at an antique shop.