How Popular Is My Birthday?

Check out this engaging heat map that shows just how unique or common your birthday is.

September is by far the most popular month for birthdates, accounting for 9 out of every 10! Notable September dates include comedian Adam Sandler, actor Hugh Grant, jazz singer Michael Buble and Russian literary great Leo Tolstoy!

Bar Hopping

Doing bar hopping may look fun in movies and TV shows, but did you know it is an actual activity people do? Bar hopping can be an enjoyable way to explore your local nightlife scene while meeting new people; plus it could even lead to friendships being formed along the way! But remember: bar hopping should always be approached responsibly: ensure you have a designated driver with enough cash ready in case something goes wrong on your journey.

Before heading out, it is a good idea to eat something. Doing so will prevent you from overeating, while slowing the absorption of alcohol into your system. And be sure to stay hydrated!

Harlem Hops in NYC offers an amazing selection of hard-to-find beers from small batch breweries. Additionally, their backyard space makes the experience ideal for groups. Or if cocktails are more your jam then Rainey Street in Austin boasts many wonderful bars like Lustre Pearl and Container Bar (made out of shipping containers that turns into dance clubs when night falls!).

Progressive Dinner

Progressive dinners can help bring neighbors back together in our busy lives. Best suited to smaller groups living within the same neighborhood, building, or cul-de-sac so guests can easily travel between homes. Organisers may draw names out of a hat to form teams of six-12 participants for each course. If hosting for larger crowds consider splitting everyone up into separate teams of six-12.

An event theme should provide hosts with something tangible to focus on and incite friendly competition among them. It could be anything from Italian or Hawaiian cuisine, or perhaps it should revolve around a specific holiday with decorations and food appropriate to that season.

Progressive dinner parties offer more relaxed and less labor-intensive entertaining, but to ensure its success it’s essential to create an itinerary with exact times for each stop and have guests walk between homes on foot rather than driving themselves so as to prevent anyone getting lost or left behind.


An exciting sleepover birthday party idea for girls who enjoy hanging out together. Stay up late playing games, watching movies or just hanging out can be great fun, then in the morning make pink pancakes together!

One great activity to try at your sleepover party is telling scary stories with flashlights in dark rooms. Not only will this get everyone talking and laughing together, but you could also do funny jokes or skits or play Truth or Dare, which is an old classic that helps everyone bond more closely together.

If your parents are hosting the party, ask them to help clean up afterward. This will show your appreciation of all their hard work in making your sleepover successful, while showing respect and showing them you appreciate their efforts in helping create such an incredible day! It also increases their likelihood to let you host another sleepover – this is particularly important if the guest list includes 23 people – there’s about 50% chance two of whom share birthdays.

Window Shopping

Window shopping refers to the act of exploring store windows without intending to make purchases. People often engage in this activity as a form of relaxation or socialization; their goals may include visiting malls or outdoor strips or showrooms for furniture, clothing and other goods – or browsing showrooms full of them! Window shopping can provide ideas for next season’s fashion or compare prices of one item across stores.

Experian recently conducted a study and determined that September 9 is the most popular birthday. Notable individuals sharing this date include comedian Adam Sandler, actor Hugh Grant, jazz singer Michael Buble and Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy.

Parents often opt to have their babies born before school starts in September in order to give their academic year an early start. But the study also revealed some less popular dates; December 25 is among those. Other less frequently occurring birthdays include February 29 and June 30.

Cooking Party

Cooking parties are an engaging way to bring people together while sharing delicious food! Selfup offers various cooking classes perfect for birthdays or group events – some even offer classes to teach participants specific ethnic dishes!

As you share a birthday cake at work, it may become evident that some days contain more names iced on than others. That’s because some months experience an explosion of births while other months might experience declines; September, for instance, seems particularly popular as an ideal month for births due to being right after summer ends and before school resumes in September.

Shopping Spree

An enjoyable way to celebrate your birthday can be going out shopping! Not only can it fulfill one of your Fashion Bucket List items, but this activity provides the opportunity for casual celebration.

This activity can be enjoyed as part of a group or with your parents! Shopping Spree was a game show on The Family Channel where two teams would compete against one another to purchase prizes for their teammates.


At random, in any group of 23 people there is approximately a 50% chance that two individuals share a birthday; this probability increases significantly if your birthday falls in September; due to it marking the start of school, parents wishing for their child(ren) to begin at new schools tend to give birth during September.

If you are planning a birthday picnic, ask the guest of honor their preferences for the type of party they would like and whether or not they prefer being surprised. It might also be wise to pick a theme and base food, beverages, decorations and cake around that theme. When Cadesha Pacquette had to cancel her daughter’s COVID-19 pandemic-related British afternoon tea picnic due to cancellation by COVID-19 pandemic-linked organizers she decided to organize personalized picnic herself using JuliNJoi as custom picnic setup providers – creating custom picnic setup businesses dedicated to custom set ups.