How Old is Mavis From Hotel Transylvania in Human Years?

Mavis is the daughter of Dracula. She is a half-vampire and half-human who lives at Hotel Transylvania. She has the same powers as her father, including hypnotism, super sight, strength and speed.

She is very curious and has a strong sense of family. She is also very caring and is willing to sacrifice her life for her loved ones.

Her mother died when she was a baby and Mavis still thinks about her frequently. She is very fond of her grandmother, Martha. She left Mavis a present when she turned 118, which Mavis is always going to cherish.

When Mavis was a child, she was quite afraid of humans but has grown out of this fear for the most part. Mavis is a loving and kind person and is very protective of her son Dennis. She does not try to force Dennis to become a monster but is happy with him as he is.

Despite her love and protection, she does not want to force her son to become a vampire. Mavis is not sure whether or not she can live with her son being a monster and wants him to be as human as possible, preferably in Santa Cruz.

Jonathan – Mavis has always had a special place in her heart for Jonathan. She always tries to show Jonathan that she loves him and is not just her “mommy”. However, she has trouble expressing her feelings to Jonathan.

In the beginning, she is very confused about what Jonathan is like, but eventually gets over it. She is also very friendly to him and treats him well.

She hugs him when she arrives at his house in Santa Cruz, and they have a nice relationship. She also tried to be as kind to him as she can when he was trying to get a job at the local mall.

Mike and Linda – Mavis has a good relationship with her parents-in-law. She tries to be as kind to them as she can and helps Linda to look after her son when she is away.

Mavis and Jonathan – Mavis is very much in love with Jonathan, who she considers her “zing”. They often talk about their future together and how they will grow old together.

At the end of the first film, Mavis and Jonathan get married. They have their wedding in the hotel, with Jonathan’s parents and his sisters and brothers coming to visit.

The next year, Jonathan and Mavis get married again at the same wedding in the hotel. This time, Mavis’s father comes to attend the wedding as well, although he is not as excited about it as her.

When Mavis sees her father, she gets very excited and starts giggling. She even kisses him.

She and her father reminisce about their past together, but she is not very happy with her father’s attitude towards her. She is even enraged when he takes Jonathan away from her, but she later forgives him when he comes back to her and allows them to date again.