How Often Should You Charge Your Crystals?

Crystals can pick up negative energies and become depleted of their natural frequencies over time, necessitating regular cleansing and charging to restore them back to their former selves. Cleaning can remove bad vibes while charging can restore natural frequencies that belong to a crystal.

Your stones can be charged through water, earth, sound, and intention in many different ways; some effective strategies include leaving crystals out overnight during a full moon to gain their energy from lunar energy.

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Your crystal purchases come laden with energy from their journey from earth to shop and ultimately your home. Therefore, it’s essential that any new crystals purchased be cleansed immediately in order to rid themselves of any negative energies they may have absorbed during this journey. Placing them under sunlight or moonlight is an easy and effective way of cleansing them.

If you prefer not exposing your crystals directly to sunlight, try smudging instead. Smoke produced from burning herbs like sage, santo palo and cedar is thought to contain purifying properties; by surrounding your crystals with sacred smoke it may help dispel negative energy while replacing it with positive healing energies.

Rose quartz and amethyst crystals, in particular, are particularly responsive to sunlight’s rays. To charge these stones effectively, place them on a windowsill in direct sunlight for about an hour – this should give them enough charge!

The sun provides an immense source of energy and many believe it has powerful grounding properties, while moonlight can bring feminine healing energy that helps soothe emotions and balance our feelings. Placing crystals under moonlight allows them to absorb this healing power and bring balance and harmony into your life.

Visualization is another popular method for cleansing and charging crystals. It is simple and straightforward; all it requires is you, your crystal(s), and a quiet space to complete. Sit comfortably while visualizing a healing light emanating from each stone to fill them with positivity while dispelling any negative energies from outside sources.


Crystals have long been associated with water. They absorb energy from all the liquids we drink and bathe with, making it beneficial to cleanse them periodically with clear, blue or green glasses of water from home or the tap. It’s an easy, effortless way to give your stones a new start!

As Leavy notes, full moon is an especially potent time for healing and recharge, this method works especially well when applied with stones like Malachite and Amethyst that align with lunar cycle like Malachite or Amethyst. Just ensure they can’t get wet by placing them somewhere like on a windowsill that receives ample moonlight.

Salt can also be used to charge crystals – however beware softer gemstones which might become scratched by its rough surface). Quinn suggests creating a circle of salt around your stone before placing it within it overnight – another excellent method if the crystal doesn’t respond well with water such as Selenite, Lepidolite and Amethyst.

Smoke or incense can help your crystals clear themselves of any negative energy, just as smudging does for spaces. Simply pass them over a smoke from herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, or cedar for several minutes to cleanse themselves of bad vibes.

As soon as you bring home any new crystals you purchase, it is advisable to cleanse and clear them immediately. They can pick up energy as they make their journey between shops and your hands – or just by sitting idle in a box – so this practice ensures they start off cleanly so you can start working with them more effectively.


Charge your crystals with intention is an effortless and effective way to unlock their full potential. Diana Frazier, author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Crystals advises mbg: “To charge a stone with intention, sit with it in your hands and enter a state of meditation while connecting to its energy while visualizing how your intent permeates and infiltrates its structure,” adding: “This practice can be implemented into daily life by any crystal holder and can add purposeful purposefulness and joy into their everyday lives!

Your crystal may benefit from being charged according to its elemental energies; for instance, if it resonates with lunar energy, being charged in lunar light would help it charge. Conversely, for crystals like malachite that connect with earth energy such as being buried can help in clearing and charging processes.

Cleanse and charge your crystals after each use to rid them of any negative energy that might have accumulated as they traveled from their origins in nature, through shop sales, to your hands. Furthermore, new crystals should also be cleared as soon as they enter your possession to ensure no imprints remain from their journey from earth to shop shelves to your possession.

Frazier and Leavy both recommend passing your crystals through the smoke of sacred herbs like sage, sweetgrass or palo santo or placing them in incense such as sandalwood or lavender – although other techniques such as using music to charge or submerge it in water may work too – just ensure to research each method to make sure your crystal can handle it as some are more sensitive than others!


Sound can also help crystals clear of negative energy quickly and effectively, according to alternative health practitioners. Tuning forks or singing bowls offer gentle vibrations which quickly clear away negative chi from stones.

Some of us may also choose to charge our crystals using our own energy – known as energetic activation. While this process can be performed any time of the year, full moon periods offer particularly effective outcomes and shifts.

Use your own aura, prana or chi to help cleanse and recharge crystals by holding them while entering a state of meditation. Next, focus on setting an intention that you would like embedded into each stone; many consider this an intuitive process; trust yourself or seek guidance from trusted mentors when determining how best to do this.

Use your voice to cleanse and charge crystals by repeating positive affirmations, mantra, or chant aloud; for instance: “I affirm that my life is filled with the energies of love, light and healing”.

If you own large Amethyst geodes or slabs of Selenite, they can also help cleanse smaller crystals by placing them atop or inside of them. This is an easy and hassle-free way for crystals to help heal each other. Burying larger ones in soil is another effective method of cleansing and rejuvenation; just remember to mark where they were hidden so you can easily locate them again later!


Crystals and stones can become vulnerable to negative energy or run dry, so it is important to cleanse and recharge them on an ongoing basis. Just like charging your mobile phone, cleansing and charging crystals/stones ensures their continued functionality while increasing positive vibrations in their vicinity.

One effective method for this is burying crystals in soil, which is said to both cleanse and charge them; leaving your crystals there overnight during a full moon will maximize results.

If you don’t have access to dirt, sunlight is also an effective way to purge crystals of any unwanted negative energies lingering inside them. Moonlight also has powerful cleansing powers; leave your crystals out during full moon phase for even greater effectiveness! Many believe magic happens at this time!

Your crystals may also benefit from being submerged in the smoke from certain plants such as sage, sagebrush or cedar smoke – this method has long been practiced as an aid to purify and recharge crystals.

One key component to cleansing and charging crystals successfully is intention. By adding your specific intentions when cleansing and charging crystals, you are effectively programming them with energy to absorb and channel to you – this makes your crystals immensely effective tools in your healing and spiritual journey. Whether your goal is to manifest goals, bring prosperity into your life, find love or any other goal altogether – when charged with positivity and intention they’ll respond best!