How Much Money Does PipeSnug Make?

How much money does PipeSnug founder Chris Burdett and his co-founder Alex Lever make? The two entrepreneurs are the most successful startup founders of the decade. They were the last on the Dragon’s Den show to be turned down, despite their company’s sales being in the tens of thousands last year. Despite the difficulties of convincing Peter Jones to invest, they had every reason to be confident.

Chris and Alex met at school and decided to launch their business together in 2014. In 2014, they founded Snug Solutions Ltd. This company created and sold the PipeSnug. The pipe seals save time and money for building owners, and the pipes are pest-resistant and Part L-compliant. PipeSnug has been the only product on the market of its kind, so the Dragons were impressed by its potential. The couple has big plans for the company’s future.

The founders of PipeSnug were able to get a high valuation thanks to Dragons’ Den. They managed to secure PS100,000 in funding for the company. The company’s product is aimed at the DIY industry and is a great tool for building owners. The wedge that comes with the product is designed to cut around standard pipe sizes. As a result, it has helped to clean up many building jobs around the UK.

As a pipe-tight insulator, PipeSnug can be used to protect your pipes and ensure the pipes stay warm. The product does not require any mortar or sealant to install, and it makes the process much easier and cleaner. It can be used for any plumbing project and provides a professional finish. You can use it to install boiler condensate pipes, waste pipes, and even a standard pipe.