How Much is Steven Raichlen Worth?

Having a high net worth is a great asset to any person. However, it is not always easy to figure out how much someone is worth. You can use tools like net worth calculators to determine someone’s current worth. However, you can also check out a person’s biography to get an idea of their career and what type of awards they’ve earned.


Among the many things Steven Raichlen has accomplished is being an award winning author and journalist. He has written more than thirty books including high-flavor low-fat cooking, the best barbecue and a series of food magazines. He has also won five James Beard awards for best cookbooks. Among his other honors, he was named into the Barbecue Hall of Fame.

Aside from being a journalist, Raichlen has also hosted a few television shows. He has appeared on The Today Show and Good Morning America. He also hosted the American Public Television show Primal Grill, which focuses on live fire cooking.

Raichlen is a bona fide foodie and has spent his life learning about global cooking. He spent a year in European libraries studying medieval cooking and has written for several publications. He was also given a Fulbright Fellowship to study comparative literature. He has also been involved in a few other noteworthy projects including being the chef of the year at the A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School, writing a cookbook and snagging a coveted spot as the restaurant critic of Boston.

The aforementioned book has been translated into seventeen languages and has been a New York Times best seller. He also has written for Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Esquire, the New York Times, and many more. He is also a columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. He is also a well-traveled and well-spoken gentleman. He lives in Coconut Grove with his wife Barbara. Among his other hobbies are boating and sailing. He has a honey-crisp apple every day and enjoys reading French novels.

The best of all worlds is the fact that Raichlen’s most popular books have been translated into several other languages.


Whether he’s on TV or writing a cookbook, Steven Raichlen is known for bringing the competitive barbecue circuit to American backyards. His cookbooks have sold six million copies, and he’s written for a number of major food magazines.

Raichlen is the founder of Barbecue University, a program that offers three-day intensive live fire cooking courses. He is also the author of five James Beard Award-winning cookbooks. He has contributed to numerous magazines, including The New York Times, Bon Appetit, and National Geographic Traveler. He’s a popular columnist, and his syndicated column appears in more than 100 newspapers.

Raichlen has traveled extensively throughout the world studying the culinary arts, including medieval cooking in Europe and Asian cuisine. He has also trained at Le Cordon Bleu and La Varenne cooking schools in Paris.

Raichlen’s publications include several New York Times best-sellers. He has also written two cookbooks for the Barbecue Bible Cookbook series, which have been translated into 17 languages. Besides writing about the art of barbecue, he has also published books on the history of cooking with fire, including “Miami Spice: The New Florida Cuisine” and “Celebrity Cooking: Left Bank Edition.” He has also written articles for magazines including The New York Times and Esquire.

Raichlen is a graduate of Reed College and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation fellowship, which allowed him to study medieval cooking in Europe. He also has a degree in French literature.

Raichlen has appeared on television shows including The View, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. He’s also been featured on Oprah and the Discovery Channel. His books have been published in several languages, including Japanese and French.


Known as the creator of modern barbecue, Steven Raichlen has earned the title of the world’s leading expert on the art of grilling. His career spans over three decades, and he has authored a series of cookbooks and other cooking books.

He is the founder of Barbecue University, a cooking school that has taught thousands of people to cook over a live fire. In addition, he has lectured on the history of barbecue at Harvard, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution. He has also appeared on national and local television. He has been awarded the prestigious James Beard Award five times for his cookbooks. He has also won three IACP awards. In fact, his book, Barbecue USA, was named one of the best books of 2004.

He is currently a columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and has written for many major food and travel magazines. He has appeared on such television shows as Good Morning America, the Today Show, and CBS This Morning. He has also been featured in the film The Social Network.

He has also written several novels, including Island Apart. He has also produced documentaries. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Miami, Florida. They have two children. He hosts two French language television shows, Le Maitre du Grill and Primal Grill. He is also a lecturer at the Smithsonian Institution, and the author of several books.

He has won five James Beard Awards, including two for his cookbooks, and has also won three IACP awards. He has also appeared on National Public Radio and the Today Show. He has written for such magazines as Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, and Esquire.

TV shows

Known for hosting a number of television shows, Steven Raichlen has been in the industry for over a decade. His debut was in 2003 with the TV series Barbecue University. This series focused on traditional smoked food techniques and aired four seasons on American Public Television (APT).

Raichlen has hosted shows like Primal Grill, Les Incontourables du BBQ, and Le Maitre du Grill. He has also written 29 cookbooks. His most popular cookbook, The Barbecue Bible, has sold more than four million copies. He has also won five James Beard Awards. His latest book is called How to Grill Vegetables.

Raichlen studied medieval cooking in Europe in 1975. He also studied comparative literature at Reed College, receiving a bachelor’s degree in French literature. He later trained at the Cordon Bleu and La Varenne cooking schools in Paris.

Raichlen and his wife Barbara Seldin have been married for many years. They live in Miami, Florida. They have two children. They prefer to keep their personal lives private. Nevertheless, they are known to be friends with other celebrities.

Raichlen has been on a number of national and international TV shows, including Le Maitre du Grill, Primal Grill, Les Incontourables, and more. He has also written for several major food magazines, including Bon Appetit and The New York Times. He has also been invited to appear on several talk shows. His books have been translated into 17 languages.

Raichlen has been a member of the Barbecue Hall of Fame since 2015. He has traveled to over 25 countries, and has worked on many projects. He has been invited to lecture at a variety of institutions, including the Culinary Institute of America.

Personal life

Currently, Steven Raichlen is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. He also hosts a PBS show about smoking. In addition, he has a few hats to his name, including that of co-founder of the Best of Barbecue, the largest and most successful food website in the United States.

Despite his hectic schedule, Raichlen has managed to carve out a nice little personal life. He has a son, a wife, and two homes on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. As for his cooking skills, he can be counted among the culinary elite, with a degree in French literature and a stint as an instructor at the famed Cooking in Paradise cooking school. He has also been known to compete in the biz.

One of his more noteworthy achievements is the creation of a series of high-flavor, low-fat cookbooks. He also won a James Beard award for his contribution to the culinary world, and is credited with the creation of Miami Spice, a cookbook dedicated to the food of the tropics. In addition, he has authored a number of books in other languages. His latest tome is the Camden House, which features a foreword by Gerald R. Ford.

Lastly, he has managed to amass a tidy little net worth of $1.5 million. His net worth is likely to increase in the coming years, as he recently landed a plum job as a restaurant critic in Boston. Despite his busy schedule, Raichlen still finds time to read, play golf, and take in a concert or two.

He also has an official website and a couple of Facebook pages to boot. He is a fan of the old adage: “There’s no substitute for hard work, but you can always have a good time.” Those are good words to live by.