How Much is RewardStock Worth?

During a recent episode of Shark Tank, travel company Reward Stock was introduced. The company is an online platform that allows customers to save money on travel and redeem reward points. The app uses an algorithm to combine points for the best deal. The company earns its revenues through member subscriptions and referral revenue from rewards programs.

Reward Stock was started by Jon Hayes after he and his wife took a trip to the Maldives. Hayes paid $200 for eight days in paradise, but he also used the hotel’s reward points strategically. When he returned home, he created an app that would help others like him save money and maximize their rewards. After two years, the app had reached a total of 10,000 users.

During a recent episode of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban invested $320,000 in RewardStock for a 10% stake in the company. Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, said the company was a “solid base hit,” and offered to buy 10% and 1% advisory shares. However, Cuban did not respond to requests for comment.

RewardStock was founded by Jonathan Hayes, a former Wall Street investment banker. He was a graduate of the North Carolina School of Science and Math in Durham. Jon Hayes spent three weeks researching the best way to use credit card points. He learned that there were a lot of people who wasted their points, so he decided to create an app to help them maximize their rewards.

Reward Stock was able to generate $50,000 in its first two years of development. After appearing on Shark Tank, the company gained publicity and more funding from other investors. The company now has a total of $5 million. The company will be integrated into Experian, a financial information giant, and will continue to work on its technology.

Reward Stock uses a complex algorithm to combine points to get the best deal for the customer. It offers thirty destinations, and the first 35 points are free. The app also doesn’t require users to give their credit card information to earn points. It calculates money automatically, and rewards users with five dollars for each member. Reward Stock is an excellent option for travelers who travel often.

Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary both took interest in RewardStock. However, both dropped out of the show. However, the deal ultimately fell through. RewardStock had a $3.2 million valuation. This number is a bit misleading because RewardStock has not yet been updated to include Cuban’s deal.

The CEO of RewardStock explained how the company works on Shark Tank. He said that RewardStock is an online platform that helps travelers optimize their credit card and frequent-flyer points. The company has a streamlined process that is easy to use, and it also offers a way for travelers to save money when booking trips. In addition, RewardStock’s algorithm allows users to redeem rewards more efficiently. It also recognizes the best performing members of the U.S. Navy.