How Much Is John Hinckley Jr Net Worth?

Despite being imprisoned for the 1981 assassination attempt, John Hinckley Jr. has grown in net worth since the incident. His parents have published a book on the assassination attempt. They say their son was suffering from acute psychosis at the time of the shooting. He also was obsessed with actress Jodie Foster. The family has used his death to help others in similar situations, and they have also created the American Mental Health Fund, to help raise funds for mental health awareness. His numerous awards and charitable donations have helped grow his net worth.

During the assassination attempt, Hinckley had failed to land a job at the White House. In February 1981, he spent one day in Hollywood and then boarded a bus to Washington D.C. While in the city, he had a dream of assassinating President Ronald Reagan. During this time, he was seen reading books about assassination attempts and the assassination of Ronald Reagan.

In the same year that he was released from court oversight, Hinckley had planned to perform a sold-out concert at a Brooklyn music club. During the concert, Hinckley planned to perform 17 of his original songs. Although the performance was cancelled, it was one of many opportunities for Hinckley.

Hinckley, Jr. has a net worth of $28 million. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia. Hinckley was set free in 2016 from a mental hospital in Washington and moved to Williamsburg, Va. In 2016, a jury found him not guilty because of his insanity. The jury also stated that Hinckley needed to undergo treatment before he could be released from the facility.

After being released from prison, Hinckley has been slowly easing his restrictions. He no longer has to notify the court of every travel, he can use his name and use social media. Hinckley is also allowed to use his name for commercial purposes. He has even been applying for periodic home visits.

Hinckley’s net worth has increased in recent years. In the late 70s, he became obsessed with the movie Taxi Driver, which starred Jodie Foster. His obsession with the movie led him to stalk Foster in New Haven. He slipped messages under her door and called her repeatedly.

Hinckley had a long-term obsession with Foster. He also exchanged letters with the convicted serial killer Ted Bundy. In addition, he also sought the address of Charles Manson, who inspired Lynette Fromme to kill President Gerald Ford. His incarceration was a result of Hinckley’s criminal activity.

John Hinckley attended Texas Tech University. He graduated in 1977 and went on to become a songwriter. However, he never developed a meaningful relationship while studying at Texas Tech.