How Much is Carla Facciolo’s Net Worth?

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Amongst the reality stars, Carla Facciolo has emerged as one of the biggest and richest. She has a considerable following in the United States as well as Asia. She has launched many Actress kids and has also promoted a number of new talent.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Carla Facciolo was born on January 14, 1967. She grew up in the Bergen Beach neighborhood. Her father was a mobster. In fact, Louis Facciolo was associated with the Gambino crime family. He was also the father of twins with Carla Facciolo.

In the past, she has been married to stockbroker Joseph Ferragamo. She and her husband were often seen on the show Mob Wives. The couple separated because of a bad relationship. Carla Facciolo’s ex-husband Joey Ferragamo is currently doing time in federal prison for stock fraud. Carla Facciolo is now planning to divorce him when he gets out of prison.

Carla Facciolo has also launched her own natural skin care brand. She has also worked as a sales representative for a juice company. She has appeared on various television shows, including the Ellen DeGeneres show and the Wendy Williams show. She has also been a guest on season 5 of the show Mob Wives. Carla Facciolo is also known for her appearance in Mob Wives 2: The Christening (2012).

Carla Facciolo’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. She is currently the richest reality star in the United States. She has also been able to achieve her status through the popularity she has earned as an actress. Carla Facciolo has an unmatched level of popularity. She also has an agreeable existence in the United States.


Currently a stay at home mom and a sales representative for a juice company, Carla Facciolo has managed to stay off the radar since her husband’s arrest. Before his imprisonment she was a well-to-do young lady. She was married to Joseph Ferragamo, the director of food and beverage operations at Trump National Doral. They have twins, Joe and Carmen.

Carla Facciolo is an avid social media user and has a small but dedicated fan base. She has also launched a natural skin care line. She has a net worth of $1.5 million. Carla Facciolo has also been featured in several magazine covers.

It was her role as a mob wife in the VH1 television show “Mob Wives” that led to her celebrity status. She also has a snazzy website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The website is a good place to start if you want to get to know Carla better. She is also an avid yogi and fitness buff, who loves to try new things. Carla Facciolo is not just a mob wife, she is a woman of the people and one of the most well-rounded celebrities in Hollywood.

The biggest question is: how tall is Carla Facciolo? She is a petite woman, standing at about 1.75 metres. She has a great bikini physique and is often spotted in bikini competitions. She is also a savvy businesswoman, having launched the natural skin care line mentioned above. Aside from her role as a mob wife, she is also a stay at home mom and a natural sales rep for a juice company. She is also one of the most famous actresses in the world.


Those of you who have seen the Mob Wives television series on VH1 are familiar with the character known as Carla Facciolo. The “Brooklyn Belle” is the daughter of a convicted mobster, Louis Facciolo, who is an associate of the Gambino crime family. Carla grew up in the Bergen Beach borough of Brooklyn, New York. She is married to Joseph Ferragamo, a former stockbroker, and is the proud mom of twins.

Despite her mob-connected family, Carla is a pillar of the community. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Joseph Ferragamo, and they have two children, Carmen and Joseph. Carla has also launched a small business selling natural skin care products. Carla has a knack for cooking, and she hopes to someday launch her own line of gourmet foods. She is also a big fan of golf, and hopes to someday win the Ladies’ Choice Golf Association’s upcoming golf tournament.

While there’s no concrete proof that the family of Carla Facciolo has actually benefitted from her father’s criminal activities, it’s safe to assume that they have been spared the slings and arrows of a life in the slums. Despite her familial adversity, Carla still managed to find the time to do the unthinkable, that is, find a spouse that’s not a crook. The family of Carla Facciolo may not be as glamorous as the cast of Mob Wives, but the Facciolos have made their mark on the local Brooklyn community. The best thing about this family is that they are all supportive of each other, and there’s always a reason to smile.

Personal life

Until Carla Facciolo’s stint on Mob Wives, she was a pretty low-key New Yorker who had a knack for tinkering with the latest gadgets. She was a sales rep for a juice company, and she was also known for her love of all things dog. However, a career change eventually led to Carla’s biggest downfall. She ended up single and divorced a few years later. She and her kids now live with their mother. This isn’t the first time she has dealt with an overbearing mother.

Her father was a reputed New York mobster, and she grew up in the neighborhood of Bergen Beach. She learned about her family’s Mob affiliation during her teenage years, and she certainly has an unsavory past. However, she has also shown a penchant for the finer things in life, and has the money to prove it.

She and her husband, Joseph Ferragamo, were married in the year 2000. They have two kids, a pair of twins named Joseph and Carmen. They also have a pretty decent net worth, judging by the price of her clothing line. She’s also reportedly involved in an online venture. However, she has yet to publicly reveal any details on her family’s life. She’s also not known for her charity work.

The name of her online venture may surprise you. Although she’s not out there soliciting donations, she has a Facebook page, and her Twitter account is a veritable trove of witty banter. She also has an official website, and she has a swag bag of free samples for her followers to try. She’s also had some notable achievements in the past, including being the highest-paid female on Wall Street and having one of the best-looking bods in New York City.


‘Mob Wives’ star Carla Facciolo is a reality TV star who has a net worth of over $1.5 million. She has gained popularity as a cast member of VH1’s ‘Mob Wives’.

Carla Facciolo was born on January 14, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, and has two sisters. She is also the daughter of mobster Louis Facciolo, who was a member of the Gambino crime family.

When Carla was a teenager, her father was imprisoned. She also has an uncle, Bruno Facciolo, who was a mobster for the Lucchese crime family. In 2009, Carla’s uncle was murdered by corrupt NYPD officers working for the mob. Carla’s father pleaded guilty to stock fraud and served 88 months in prison.

Carla Facciolo also appeared in the fifth and sixth seasons of “Mob Wives” and “Marriage Boot Camp”. She fought with fellow cast members Renee Graziano and Love Majewski, and appeared in the series’s finale. Carla also appeared in “Mob Wives: The Sit Down” (2012). Carla was a guest star on the season 6 premiere of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

In 2011, she started her own skin care line, which features products that are based on natural ingredients. She also plans to publish a cookbook. She also designs clothing and athletic wear. Carla has a large following on social media. She posts photos of her everyday life on Instagram. She has over 242,000 followers on the platform.

Carla Facciolo is married to Joseph Ferragamo, and they have two children. Carla and Joseph have twins, and they are named Joe and Carmen. Carla has a strong presence on social media, and posts photos of her family daily.