How Much Is Cal Bowdler’s Net Worth?

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During his time in the pros, James Calloway “Cal” Bowdler II made some worthy contributions to the Atlanta Hawks’ storied franchise. He also managed to earn a few notable accolades along the way, notably being selected as the team’s captain in 2003. During his playing career, the six foot ten inch power forward racked up a few digits in the proverbial bank. As a result of his impressive resume, Bowdler received a handful of accolades, including being named the team’s sexiest player and being named the team’s most valuable player. In addition, Bowdler racked up the highest salary of any player in the franchise’s history. On top of that, he was the only player in the organization to win a championship title. He was also the only player in the organization to earn multiple all-star selections. In all, Bowdler spent three seasons with the Hawks, spanning the 1999 to 2002 campaigns. In addition to his playing career, Bowdler spent the better part of his adult life as a philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to worthy causes. He also helmed the organization’s public relations department, where he served as the spokesman-at-large. He also served as a consultant to several sports teams, including the Atlanta Falcons, and the Washington Wizards.

While the majority of his time was spent in the United States, Bowdler did spend some time overseas as well, notably in Italy. In addition to the NBA, he spent time with European basketball teams such as Casti Group Varese, Lottomatica Roma, and Motespaschi Siena. In addition to his storied career, Bowdler is a devoted husband and father. He was married to his high school sweetheart Brooke for three years, and the two of them have been the subject of numerous media reports.


During his career, Bowdler played in 142 games for the Atlanta Hawks, averaging 3.0 points per game. He also averaged 1.9 rebounds and 0.2 assists per game. He had a career high of 21 efficiency in a game against Fabriano.

He also made the news with his stellar performance in the Euroleague, playing for the Siena Saints. The team made it to the Final Four and lost to Benneton in the semi-finals. He also played a key role in the Irish team’s success on the court.

He has a net worth of $1.5 million. He is currently employed by a telecommunications company in Atlanta. He has four children with his wife, Brooke Bowdler, who is also an actress and model.

He played in the NBA for three seasons from 1999 to 2002. He made $3,308,400 in that span. He also played in Europe, signing with the Bologna Dragons after the Hawks opted out of his contract. He also played for the Irish national team. He has the dubious honour of being the only player in NBA history to commit seven fouls in one game. He also holds the distinction of committing the most fouls of any player in the modern era.

He also made the grade in the first year of the Euroleague. He averaged ten minutes a game while averaging a respectable 3.0 points and 1.9 rebounds per game. He also had a respectable 0.182 3-point field goal percentage. He also had a respectable 96 free throws made.

The other big-name item was the fact that he had the most assists of any player in the history of the NBA. He also had the best free throw percentage of any player in the league.

Personal life

During his basketball career, Cal Bowdler has played for three different NBA teams. He was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 1999, and played for them until 2002. He was also a member of the Hawks’ diversity and inclusion council. He currently works for Comcast Cable Communications in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bowdler’s father died suddenly when he was 29 years old, due to food allergy. Cal’s mother, Gladys, worked in a factory. He also went to Old Dominion University, where he played for three years. He was a power forward. His senior year, he had 18 double-doubles.

In his first season in the Euroleague, Bowdler played for Siena. The team made it to the Final Four in the first year of the league. In that game, he tallied 21 efficiency. In the next game, he had eleven points and two rebounds. He also recorded seven personal fouls.

After Bowdler’s first season, the Hawks decided not to renew his contract. He went to Italy to earn money. He returned to Italy a couple of times.

He was not arrested, but he did not earn much money. He lived off various investments, including a 1975 Pontiac convertible. He usually wears tattered jeans, work boots, and a knit ski cap. He drives a beat-up ’78 Ford van with an orange shag carpet.

Bowdler’s daughter, Rachel, was born in September 2001. She is currently at the Christian home in Valdosta, Georgia, with three other addicts. Bowdler is planning to live there for one year.

Bowdler is known for his love of basketball. He has an unusual record in NBA history. He is the first player to record seven personal fouls in one game.


Besides being a successful athlete, Cal Bowdler has a big fan base. He engages with his fans and followers through social media. He has a large Twitter following and a YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers. He often posts videos, pictures, and personal pictures on his social media accounts.

The first time he met Brooke Bowdler, she was 18 years old and an aspiring model. He met her in 1999. When she was in her early 20’s, she was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. She shared a room with three other addicts.

Bowdler knew that she had a problem, but he had no idea that it would become a long-term battle. He tried to get her into rehab three times. He even tried to contact her from Europe. But she refused to go to the rehab clinic.

Bowdler’s love affair with Brooke Bowdler has gone in many directions. She has tried to get into rehab, lived with three different addicts, and lived in a drug-related emergency place in Columbus, Ohio. But in the end, she and Bowdler ended up married in Norfolk, Virginia in 2004. She had a daughter, Rachel, in September of that year.

Eventually, Bowdler decided to move his family to Los Angeles in order to support her career. But he hasn’t picked up a basketball since. He knows people who think that he’s a bust. He doesn’t want another NBA shot. But he has no regrets about his love affair with Brooke.

Cal Bowdler was born in Sharps, Virginia, on March 31, 1977. He attended Rappahannock High School. He then went on to Old Dominion University. In 1999, he was drafted 17th overall by the Atlanta Hawks. He played in three seasons for the team. He averaged 3.0 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 0.2 assists per game. In 2002, he made $1,179,720.


During his three seasons in the NBA, Cal Bowdler earned approximately $1 million to $1.2 million. He made a total of $3,308,400 in his career.

In 2002, he earned $1,179,720. His salary was largely made up of his game-related fees and scouts’ fees.

Bowdler was not involved in charity work during his career. His actual income may have been lower than the amount listed. However, his net worth is estimated at between $1 million and $5 million. He is married and has a child.

Bowdler is considered to be a good basketball player. He played for a number of Italian professional teams, including Lottomatica Roma, Casti Group Varese, and Virtus Bologna. As a senior, he averaged 14.7 points and 10 rebounds. He was also named to the first-team All-Colonial Athletic Association.

Bowdler has a daughter, Rachel. Rachel was born in September 2001. After Bowdler signed with the Atlanta Hawks for the 2002 season, he and his daughter moved to Italy. Bowdler and his daughter lived there until Bowdler retired from the NBA.

In 2004, Bowdler married Brooke Bowdler. Brooke is a former model and actress. Brooke was born around 1983. She met Bowdler when she was 18 years old. When they were together, she fought drug addiction and methamphetamine addiction. During this time, she tried to get into rehab clinics. However, they never took hold.

Bowdler and Brooke Bowdler were married in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2004. They have four children together. Brooke gave birth to Rachel in 2001. They also have another child, a girl named Brooke.

Bowdler’s wife is very active on social media. She posts pictures of her children on her social media pages. She also shares her experiences with her followers. She has over 23k followers.