How Much is Ashley Kalus Net Worth?

During the last election, Rhode Island governor candidate Ashley Kalus voted in Florida. That’s not surprising since the state has an ultra-right agenda, but it does seem a little out of place. That being said, Kalus’ campaign will have less than nine months to raise the money needed to win the gubernatorial race. In order to do that, she must expand recognition in the state and introduce herself to Republican voters. That doesn’t mean that she’ll win the governorship, though.

Kalus says that her business experience has led to her success, but her net worth is relatively modest. She cites her work for Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who she worked for during his administration. She was also an intern at Ted Kennedy’s office in 2004, as well as a dual-enrollment student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and UMass Boston. Her first job was with Accenture, where she earned $47,000.

She didn’t stay in Illinois for long, however. In January of this year, she and her husband, plastic surgeon Jeffrey Weinzweig, registered to vote in Newport, Rhode Island, a city that the couple moved to late last year. In February, they closed on a $615,000 mortgage on a house in Newport. They also made a “second-home rider” – a loan document that declares the home in Newport to be the family’s primary residence.

It’s no surprise that she and her husband are able to afford the mortgage on their home in Newport, especially with their recent departure from Illinois. Before the move, the couple owned a condo in Providence, and before that, they lived in an apartment outside of Chicago. It’s unclear how long they’ve been in Newport, but Kalus’ campaign says that the couple received a homestead exemption on the house in Illinois last year. They purchased a 1,775 square foot house in May of 2021.

When the Kalus family moved to Cohasset, they still lived in Quincy, but they downsized from a home that was more than double the median price of a home in Massachusetts. It’s unclear how much debt the couple incurred while living in the Midwest. It’s possible that their student debt contributed to their decision to leave the Windy City for the warmer climate of Rhode Island.

While she doesn’t have a well-known primary rival, her name will be a part of the conversation when voters decide who deserves the governorship. Her campaign has poured a significant ad buy into its first TV commercial, which features Kalus as a fighter. She’s also made a post-election payment of $30,000 to Alexandria polling firm Public Opinion. She’s also made a sizable donation to the Independent Women’s Forum.

But it’s not just her campaign that has caught the media’s attention. The state’s most recent contract with Doctors Test Centers for COVID-19 testing has put her in the spotlight. The company administers coronavirus vaccines and tests at several sites around the state. It’s also the company that performed vaccinations at the Sockanosset and McCoy Stadiums. Interestingly enough, there is currently an FBI investigation into the contract, which is a major blow to the gubernatorial hopeful.