How Much Does It Cost To Take The IBCLC Exam?

What is the cost of taking the ibclc exam?

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) examination is an objective test of a candidate’s foundation of knowledge and skills in human lactation and breastfeeding. IBCLC exam candidates must meet a series of criteria, which may include completion of lactation-specific education and accrual of lactation-specific clinical experience.

There are three pathways to becoming an IBCLC: Pathway 1 is for approved health professionals; Pathway 2 is for people who have completed an academic program in human lactation and breastfeeding that is recognized by IBLCE, and Pathway 3 is for people who do not have a second registration as a health professional. The criteria in each pathway are very specific and it is essential that all the requirements are met for a candidate to sit the exam.

Applicants must have a health science background and meet the qualifications of one of the nine IBLCE-recognized health care professions or complete coursework in 14 health education subjects. They must also accrue lactation-specific education and clinical hours and abide by the IBCLC Code of Professional Conduct.

For Pathway 1, a candidate must have at least 1000 hours of supervised practice in the management of lactation and breastfeeding within 5 years prior to applying for the IBCLC examination. These hours must be earned in a setting where the applicant is supervised by an IBCLC or a recognized health care professional. They must also have a minimum of 95 hours of lactation-specific education.

The exam is a computer-based test, administered in a morning and afternoon session. It takes approximately four hours to complete and contains 175 multiple-choice questions. The cost of the exam is $660 in the United States.

IBCLC Exam Secrets: How to Pass the IBCLC Exam

Getting an IBCLC credential is a significant milestone in a career as a lactation consultant. It signifies that a candidate has completed a rigorous examination and demonstrates an extensive level of clinical expertise in the management of lactation and breastfeeding.

This certification proves that an IBCLC has a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of human lactation and breastfeeding, as well as an ongoing commitment to evidence-based practice. It also enables IBCLCs to advocate for optimal infant and young child feeding, participate in the development of breastfeeding programs and policies, and educate other health professionals on these issues.

IBCLC exam secrets: How to pass the IBCLC exam

We’ve created IBCLC Exam Secrets, an exclusive study guide designed for people who are preparing to take the IBCLC exam. It explains everything you need to know about the IBCLC exam, including how to prepare for it, what to expect on the day of the exam and what types of questions are included.

The guide includes a detailed overview of all the exam topics, a glossary and a list of key terms. We also include helpful hints and tips for tackling each question.

Our IBCLC practice tests are a great way to get familiar with the format and style of the IBCLC exam. The questions in these exams are similar to those found on the IBCLC exam and are developed for Health e-Learning-IIHL by our team of IBCLCs. They are automatically graded and accompanied by comprehensive feedback which can help explain why the question is incorrect or give you reference to online journal articles that are useful for further reading.