How Much Does it Cost to Be a Girl Scout?

Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence, and character. They do this through empowerment, interactive teaching, and opportunities to learn and explore new things.

As a girl scout, your daughter can make friends of all backgrounds and abilities as she learns to be her best self, rise to the challenges, and build her leadership skills. She’ll go on awesome trips, sell cookies, discover science, and make a difference. And she’ll use her big-idea thinking, team power, and leadership skills to build a brighter future.

The cost of membership to be a girl scout depends on the level your daughter is registered at, whether she’s in a traditional troop or an Individually Registered Girl (IRG). If you’re an adult who’d like to volunteer for Girl Scouts, you can register as a volunteer by registering for a Girl Scout membership and paying the $25 annual fee.

Your membership dues also cover your local council’s expenses, including administrative and programming costs. You’ll receive access to the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit, an online tool designed to help you plan and deliver troop meetings at all program levels.

To become a member, you can complete an online application or text “JOIN” to 59618. Then you’ll be able to join your local council and our national organization, Girl Scouts of the USA.

If you’re a parent or caregiver of a girl who wants to join a troop, your child can visit our Join Page and search for troops that have openings near her. If a troop doesn’t have an opening, your child can select “Unsure” to find a troop in her area with openings for both girls and volunteers.

Once you’ve found a troop that meets her interests and availability, your child can join by paying the membership fee and completing a background check. Your child will receive a membership card and badges as part of the registration process.

As a Girl Scout, your child will be supported by parents and volunteers of all ages who support them in their leadership journey. They’ll provide encouragement and help them connect with the Girl Scout program through activities such as volunteering, attending events, and fundraising for the organization.

You’ll be a proud parent as your child works towards earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, which requires advanced global thinking, organization, and team building skills. Several colleges and the military recognize this accomplishment as a great way to demonstrate leadership.

The gold award is the highest achievement in the girl scout program. Earning it can lead to a college scholarship, scholarships for the military, and more!

Your child will also have the opportunity to take part in community service projects, including restocking food pantries and beautifying school playgrounds. They’ll learn about environmental issues, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy as they build their leadership skills.

As a member, your daughter can work towards her Gold Award as well as many other badges and awards. She’ll gain valuable life skills and leadership experience that will last her a lifetime.