How Much Does a Security Consultant Make?

As technology continues to advance, cyberattacks become more sophisticated and security solutions must be updated accordingly. This demand for cybersecurity experts paves the way for new opportunities for aspiring information security consultants.

How Much Does a Security Consultant Make?

As an information security consultant, you are a professional who specializes in assessing, monitoring and protecting companies from computer viruses, hackers, malware and other threats. You also help businesses create protocols that minimize risk and secure digital data.

The job responsibilities of a security consultant vary, but the main focus is securing the organization’s network and data against online attacks. You use software, algorithms and other tools to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access.

Typical security consultant job duties include developing protocols for protecting sensitive data, implementing encryption management tools and assessing cyberattacks to determine their effectiveness. They also monitor company networks for potential security breaches and encrypt data to prevent potential theft.

How to Become an Information Security Consultant

To pursue a career in security consulting, you need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, information systems, information security or another relevant field. A related graduate degree, such as a master of science in information security, can expand your employment options by preparing you for advanced roles.

A security consultant’s salary depends on factors such as education, experience, industry and location. In California, for example, information security analysts earned an average of $125,990 as of May 2020. This figure is significantly higher than in other states and is a good indication of the state’s growing economy and the need for highly skilled tech workers.

How to Get a Security Consultant Job

The path to becoming a security consultant is fairly straight-forward, but it can take years to gain experience and earn a professional certification. Many employers prefer candidates who have at least a bachelor’s degree, and many will only hire experienced professionals.

In addition, a degree in cyber security or information systems can help you stand out from other applicants, but you must be familiar with the latest industry standards and best practices. These include PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR.

You must have strong communication and leadership skills to succeed in this role, as you will be interacting with multiple people throughout the organization. You should also have a thorough understanding of the organization’s goals and be able to explain how your skills can help the business achieve its objectives.

Typically, a security consultant’s salary is based on the specific job he or she holds. For instance, a security analyst is likely to earn a higher salary than a network engineer.

As the global economy continues to grow and move more and more online, security is a growing concern for all organizations. As such, many industries depend on qualified cyber security consultants to keep their operations safe from hackers.

The job of a security consultant can be an exciting, satisfying, and well-paid career for someone with the right skills and experience. In fact, the BLS reports that the job is expected to grow more than four times faster than the national average over the next decade.