How Much Does a Baby Monitor Cost?

As a new parent, one of the most important things you need is a way to keep an eye on your baby when you can’t be there. Whether you choose to use a video monitor or an audio monitor, a baby monitor can help relieve your stress and make you feel more confident that your child is safe.

How much does a baby monitor cost?

The cost of a baby monitor depends on the features you’re looking for. A basic model might cost $50 to $200, while a more advanced monitor could cost $500 or more. There are many different types of baby monitors, including audio, video, and smart ones that track a child’s breathing or heart rate. The type you choose will depend on your budget and how your lifestyle and parenting style will change as your baby grows.

Price – If you’re planning on buying a baby monitor for the first time, it may be worth spending some time thinking about your needs before making a purchase. For example, if you have a smaller house or an apartment, you might want to look for a cheaper monitor with a lower range, or one that doesn’t require an extensive installation process.

Video Display – If you plan on using a baby monitor for long periods of time, it’s worth paying extra for a model with an HD screen (or even higher resolution), so that you can see your baby clearly when you’re not in the room with them. Alternatively, you can opt for a Wi-Fi-based app-only model that lets you watch your baby on any device with a connection to the Internet.

Battery Life – If you’re planning on using a battery-based baby monitor, check the product specifications for how long it will last before needing recharging. Most units will be able to go for 8-12 hours before needing a recharge.

Range – This is an essential feature to consider: some monitors have their own radio signal, while others use a wireless network that’s available throughout your home. Some products come with a maximum distance that can be used for their radio signals, so you’ll need to check the specs carefully.

Easy expansion – If you have more than one child, or are planning to add an extra camera in the future, you’ll need to be able to expand your system easily. Some models have an option to map out “danger zones” in your house, which will alert you if your child moves into these areas.

Night Vision – Most baby monitors have night vision, which helps you keep an eye on your little one when you can’t be in the room with them. Some also have a night light that changes colors to help soothe your child to sleep.

Two-way Talk – Most baby monitors allow you to hear your child’s noises, as well as talk back to them in a way that might comfort them. Some also play lullabies that help sooth your baby to sleep.