How Much Do Pest Control Technicians Earn?

Pest control professionals are responsible for removing unwanted creatures such as cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, and termites from homes and buildings. They often travel to a client’s location, inspect the building, and determine the best way to get rid of the problem. They also assess the cost of their services and estimate the number of treatments needed.

There are many different types of pest control technicians, and the salary varies by job category and level of experience. Those who have less than a year of experience typically earn the lowest salaries, while those with more than eight years of experience are usually the highest paid.

Exterminators eliminate the smallest and most visible bugs by spraying or sprinkling chemicals into areas where the insects are present. They may use insecticides or traps, depending on the type of pest.

However, these chemicals can be toxic to humans and pets. Because of this, it’s important for pest control workers to wear protective gear based on the pesticide’s label instructions.

If you’re looking to become a pest control technician, it’s important to find a company that hires and pays its employees fairly. This can help you to ensure that you’re not overworked or underpaid, and it can help to set yourself up for success.

Getting Started as a Pest Control Tech

A high school diploma is generally required to begin working as a pest control technician, but additional training or certification may be necessary. During pest control training, you learn how to identify and remove various types of pests from clients’ premises. You also learn how to apply pesticides, which involves reading labels and following directions.

The industry has been changing quickly, so there’s always new training available and ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Some of the best learning opportunities come from attending NPMA and state association conferences, as well as by engaging in online educational resources.

Pest Control Tech Salary by State

The average salary for a pest control technician is $36,479, and this figure can vary widely. Some states pay higher than others, and the average can even be influenced by local wages and employment trends.

Cities with the Best Pest Control Tech Salaries

Some of the best paying cities for pest control technicians include Grand Junction, Colorado; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Seattle, Washington. This is mainly because those cities have a low cost of living, which allows employers to pay their employees more.

Besides the high salaries, there are many benefits to becoming a pest control technician. For one, it can be a satisfying and challenging job that offers great advancement potential. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives and be part of a team that helps people live healthy and pest-free. As a result, there’s no better time to start a career as a pest control technician than right now!