How Much Do Pediatric Surgeons Make an Hour?

Pediatric surgeons are doctors who specialize in surgery on infants, children and young adults. They spend several years in medical school and then a residency to learn how to perform various surgeries on children.

They also must pass exams and receive licensure to practice medicine. Their salaries vary based on their subspecialty, location, years of experience and other factors.

During medical school, these professionals must complete four years of undergraduate studies before advancing to a doctorate degree in a specialty field. After completing a medical or osteopathic medical school, they must complete an accredited 5-year residency in general surgery and another in pediatric surgery. The two residencies are followed by a year of pediatric fellowship training to gain additional specialized expertise in the field of surgery.

Surgeons can earn a salary that is comparable to those of general physicians. However, their earnings may be higher due to their specific specialty and the additional training requirements of this career.

A pediatric surgeon’s salary depends on their geographic location, setting of employment, level of education and years of experience. Surgeons who work in rural areas tend to earn a higher salary than those in urban areas.

Payscale reports that the average pediatric surgeon salary is $162,154 per year in the United States. They may also qualify for bonuses that add up to $20,347 annually.

The highest paid pediatric surgeons work at hospitals that employ 5,000 or more people. These professionals also tend to receive bonuses based on the amount of staff they supervise.

Getting promoted can also increase your salary as a pediatric surgeon. Many surgeons can advance to medical director positions in their own practice, overseeing junior doctors and guiding policy.

Some medical directors are also researchers, studying diseases that affect young patients. This can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career that helps to advance the understanding of pediatric medicine.

Surgeons who are interested in research can get jobs at universities or pharmaceutical companies that specialize in drug development. They also work as adjunct faculty members at medical schools to teach future medical professionals about their fields.

Pediatric surgeons often work on weekends and evenings, so it’s important to have good time management skills if this is a career you want to pursue. They are constantly on the go and need to be able to focus on their patient’s needs and treatment plans while still having enough time to take care of themselves and their families.

They also need to be able to communicate with their patients and their families effectively. This is particularly challenging for children, who have limited language and often don’t know what their problems are or how they’re feeling.

This career requires a lot of hard work, but it can be rewarding and challenging as well. It also gives you a chance to see the lives of others and make them better.

The best part about being a pediatric surgeon is that you can make a difference in the lives of those around you. By helping to make others healthier, you can save them from life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Seeing the joy and relief on the faces of patients can be amazing.