How Much Do Biblical Counselors Make?

The average pay for a biblical counselor is around $44,697 in the United States, according to Indeed. However, there are a few factors that can affect how much you make as a biblical counselor: level of education, experience and changing employers.

Earning a degree

A bachelor’s degree in psychology or counseling is the minimum education required to become a biblical counselor, but an advanced degree can help you increase your income potential. A master’s degree in counseling or a related field is recommended, and some Christian universities and seminaries offer these degrees. The length of a degree program depends on the type of degree and school, but most programs take one to three years to complete.

Enroll in a professional association

Joining a professional association is an excellent way to meet other counselors and learn more about the industry. These organizations often offer discounts to students and provide job boards and other resources for members.

Earn a master’s degree in biblical counseling

A master’s of divinity degree in biblical counseling can be earned at a university or a seminary. The program’s curriculum includes core classes that focus on both theology and psychology, as well as counseling practice. The degree also includes supervised practicum experiences. Most programs require at least 50 hours of supervised practice, which can be done in a variety of locations, including churches or non-profit agencies.

Certification and licensure

Once you have your master’s degree, you need to become licensed in the state in which you want to practice. The process typically includes a supervised internship, which can be done in a variety or church-based settings and may last up to two years. Additionally, most states require licensing exams that you must pass before becoming a counselor.

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ABC) is a national organization that trains and certifies counselors. It also provides resources such as books, audio materials and videos that are useful for counselors, students and laypeople.

CCEF is another organization that offers training, conferences and other resources for biblical counselors. Its website has a searchable directory that allows clients to find a local biblical counselor.

BibleGateway is a resource website that provides biblical studies and theology information, as well as study guides, commentaries, devotions and other materials. The site is available in multiple translations and makes it easy to search for the specific book you need.

Consider a change of location

Moving to a city with higher-than-average salaries can be beneficial for those looking to increase their earnings as a biblical counselor. This is especially true if you move to a city that is undergoing economic growth.

Many cities have an abundance of jobs for Christian counselors, and you may be able to find work in a variety of different settings. Those who wish to pursue this career path should research the local employment situation and apply for positions that are open in their area.

A reputable biblical counselor should have a solid understanding of their faith and be familiar with the Bible’s teachings. This will help them better serve their clients and understand their needs.