How Many Sims 3 Traits Can a Sim Have?

Traits dictate how a Sim interacts with other Sims. They set the basis for possible friendships, romances and rivalries to form.

Sims who possess the bookworm trait enjoy reading books immensely and can use these for pleasure when working towards their writer aspiration.

An Aspiration in CAS allows Sims to unlock extra traits or purchase them using satisfaction points earned for fulfilling Aspirations.


Traits are an integral component of The Sims 3 game. Sims can unlock up to five traits – including an exclusive hidden trait – by reaching specific milestones or fulfilling life rewards, genetic inheritance or from their career choices.

Mischievous Sims have the potential to pull more pranks without getting caught, making them ideal companions in their career as a prankster or comedian, or an asset to any comedy club.

Clumsy Sims may trip and drop objects more often, yet can help others at parties by dancing and clapping. Furthermore, Clumsy Performers can raise their skill levels faster as Performers while drawing larger audiences for their shows; although they may need to switch careers more frequently. Finally, brave traits can aid these characters when fighting fires or confronting burglars.


Computer Whiz Sims have the ability to hack into other Sims’ homes in order to steal money, while simultaneously developing their Science skill 15% faster than others. This trait pairs nicely with Author and Writer lifetime wishes as they also benefit from more time alone without experiencing a negative mood impact from being around other Sims as often. This trait also works well if someone wants to become a writer but prefers solitude over socializing – they get the Enjoying Solitude moodlet instead.

These Sims enjoy reading and will get the Enjoying Bookshop moodlet while visiting a library. In addition to this hobby, they also work well on projects and often complete them faster than their fellow Sims.

Clumsy traits can provide some entertaining moments. Sims with this trait are likely to trip over their own feet and break things, plus receive a +15 Wonderful Water moodlet when swimming – meaning they don’t tire as easily!

Hates Children

A Sim with this trait becomes anxious and hostile around children and will look annoyed while interacting with them. Their moodlet becomes negative when exposed to children, prompting them to seek an environment without children. Since this trait conflicts with Avant Garde and Savvy Sculptor traits, only take it if you wish for your Sim to excel in arts-related pursuits and earn money faster as a result.

This trait makes them ideal candidates for the Performer profession, since listening to music while sleeping will give their mood a small lift and complete their wish of Surrounded by Family without taking as much time raising their children.


Sims who possess this trait take great pleasure in watching others perform activities. Attending parties provides them with a big boost to the Enjoy Party moodlet, and laughing from other Sims increases Laughing Motive significantly. They can also increase Charisma faster while their Relationships skill will increase more slowly.

This Sim is passionate about being waste-free, which contributes to their Enjoy Squeaky Clean and Recycling moodlets. Unfortunately, they lack magic skills and take longer learning Alchemy, but enjoy gardening as their hobby.

There are certain hidden traits in the game that you can only uncover by seducing NPCs or passing them down through certain careers. Sims who possess these hidden characteristics can multitask more efficiently than their peers and even have more Moodlets! Plus they may even eat while watching television!


Designed to encourage financial focus in Sims, this trait increases collectible values while speeding up rare item discoveries. However, it conflicts with Frugal traits.

Sims who possess this hidden trait experience a negative moodlet whenever something broken appears and are less likely to appreciate the Listening to Music moodlet during sleep. They can even sleep through dangerous situations such as fires or burglaries; should they obtain the Professional Slacker lifetime wish, however, this trait will have no adverse effect on job performance.

Sims who possess this trait tend to be clumsy, often tripping and dropping objects. Additionally, they often respond violently when people insult them, with lower romantic success rates than their counterparts and difficulty maintaining commitment issues and frequently switching careers.


Unflirty Sims have an adverse response to romantic advances, which makes building relationships more challenging. Furthermore, they exhibit negative responses when confronted by artistic objects and generate the Can’t Stand Art moodlet when exposed to them; making this trait ideal for writers, hackers and chess players.

Sims with the clumsy trait tend to trip and drop things often. They’re entertaining to watch but can become irritating when trying to build something.

Brave Sims excel at fighting off burglars and fires, but are far less adept at initiating romantic social interactions. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for Sims hoping to achieve the Surrounded by Family lifestyle wish.

Art Lover

Sims who possess the Art Lover trait receive a +10 moodlet when interacting with paintings or sculptures. Furthermore, these Sims tend to excel at performing acrobatics or magic tricks and raising skill levels more rapidly than their peers.

Sims who possess this trait won’t be afraid of ghosts, burglars or fires; in fact they’ll likely enjoy fighting them and winning more often! Additionally, this trait gives an increase in logic skills when practicing chess as well as earning additional funds at work.

Sims who possess this trait tend to favor recycling and carpooling as ways of cutting down on waste, as well as being excellent gardeners, fishermen and musicians – they even receive an increase in moodlet from gardening or fishing for tips! Plus they don’t get sunburnt as quickly and can take half the time in showering while remaining clean!


Neat Sims will find great pleasure in cleaning, even taking on large spaces at one click! Plus they make food less dirty!

They’re easily impressed and may receive compliments from other Sims that leave them with the Impressed moodlet. Being soloists, they can relish solitude more fully than other Sims; practicing chess on the computer more efficiently and building logic skills faster are just two advantages they possess over other Sims.

Brave Sims can defend themselves against burglars and are less bothered by fire, taking sponge baths wherever there is water and even raiding neighbors’ garbage cans to rummage through for their belongings and taking advantage of stolen items to return via the mailbox with +25% boosts on all positive and negative moodlets respectively.


Sims who possess this trait are naturally inclined towards success. They will complete Lifetime Wishes more quickly, which provides a significant mood boost upon achieving one. Furthermore, they’ll complete Logic Skills faster, as well as benefitting from reading more books – increasing both relationships and mood levels in an instant.

Sims that possess this trait will attract larger audiences to their performances and advance faster in terms of skill level. They’ll get a +10 moodlet when socializing, as well as positive ones when being complimented on their work.

Sims who possess this trait will automatically catch burglars and won’t be terrified by ghosts. It is a hidden trait, unlocked only through seducing and marrying an NPC Sim; then passing it along to their offspring; who in turn can use it to stop burglars, fight fires and have good relationships with all three pet types.


Traits form the core of Sim’s personality, replacing the previous system of personality points. Sims can obtain up to five traits in total – two at birth, another when toddlers, another when toddlers turn three years old and finally another trait at young adulthood – as well as additional ones through Lifetime Wishes.

Brave Sims can overcome fear more quickly, such as fleeing from a burning house or fighting off an intruder. They may also help other Sims meet their Need to Belong requirements more easily.

Natural Born Performers attract larger audiences to their shows and develop more quickly as Magicians or Acrobats. They may also practice Chess more effectively, although too much confidence may turn them into braggarts who come across as too self-confident; this may create conflict with No Sense of Humor moodlets as well as Can’t Stand Art moodlets.