How Long Should It Take A Housekeeper To Clean A Room?

When you have guests staying in your hotel, you want to make sure that their rooms are clean and tidy. It’s not always easy, though! A variety of things can cause a room to look messy, such as a lot of clutter or guests who aren’t very tidy themselves. There are also some guests who really expect you to clean up after them.

One of the hardest challenges for housekeepers is keeping up with all the different rooms in the hotel. This means that they have to make sure each room is cleaned to the standards set by the hotel, all within a certain timeframe.

To do this, they need to have access to the correct cleaning and room care supplies and a way to transport them from room to room. They’ll need a trolley with multiple tiers and shelves so that they can store all the cleaning products, bedding, towels and replacement supplies in one place.

The trolley should be equipped with separate bags for dirty laundry and soiled linen, so that housekeepers can easily see what they need to pick up. The cart should also be able to hold refreshments and guest amenities like toiletries, mini bar drinks and a selection of teas and coffees.

It’s also a good idea to put a thermometer in each room, so that the temperature is a consistent one across the hotel. This will help ensure that the guests aren’t too hot or too cold, and that they stay comfortable in their room.

After the housekeeper has completed the task, they should stamp the room on their computer or mobile phone to indicate that it’s ready for inspection and to mark it as “clean.” This will then be displayed in the Monitor Status screen of your hotel’s housekeeping system. The display will refresh every minute and show a current snapshot of the room’s status.

Another way to ensure that the room is ready for inspection is to ensure that the bed has been made and the sheets are in place. The housekeeper should also remove all rubbish, such as pizza boxes and underwear, from the room and place them in the bins.

If the guest has left a gift or other item in the room, the housekeeper should take it to the front desk and request a refund for it. This will give the housekeeper more time to clean the room before the next guest arrives, and it will also ensure that they have all the necessary supplies on hand to do the job.

It is important to be courteous to your housekeepers and to remember that they work hard to provide a clean and pleasant experience for guests. They may be tired after a long day of cleaning, but they still want to do a great job. The best way to let them know you appreciate their work is to tip them. They have to do a lot of tasks in a short amount of time and deserve to be treated with respect.