How Long Does It Take to Become an ER Tech?

If you are looking for a job that involves working under pressure and providing direct care to patients in emergency situations, becoming an ER tech could be the perfect career move for you. You will work closely with doctors and nurses and will be responsible for helping to assess a patient’s condition, assisting them with treatment and helping them understand their medical conditions and progress.

Become an ER Tech

An ER technician works under the supervision of a registered nurse and provides assistance to patients in an emergency hospital room. They help prepare equipment and supplies, respond to code blues and assist with resuscitation. They may also perform certain procedures, such as inserting Foley catheters or nasal feeding tubes.

The average ER tech salary ranges from around $40,000 to $58,000 annually, depending on where you live and your skill level. This is a good starting salary for someone who wants to work in this field, but you can expect your income to increase once you have completed additional education and training.

What are the requirements to become an ER tech?

You will need to complete an emergency medical technician (EMT) training course, which typically consists of classes covering trauma, first aid, resuscitation, CPR and defibrillation. Upon completion, you should receive a certificate that is valid for one or two years.

ER Tech Skills and Personality:

Whether you are an aspiring EMT or an ER tech, there are several essential skills that you will need to have in order to provide the best possible care for patients. These include quick thinking, strong communication skills and the ability to follow medical protocols.

Quick Thinking – Because an ER tech assesses and assists with patients’ conditions, they will need to be able to quickly think through symptoms and diagnoses. They will also need to be able to communicate important information loudly and clearly with doctors and nurses so they can give the patients accurate medical treatment.

Compassion and Patience – ER techs often work with families or friends of patients. They must have compassion and patience when talking with these people and be able to explain things to them in a clear manner.

Courage and Teamwork – The ER is a chaotic place where there are many different types of patients with varying levels of issues. ER techs must have the courage to provide treatment to these patients, as they can be in danger and need assistance from other staff members.

Getting a Job as an ER Tech

The best way to get a job as an ER tech is to apply directly to hospitals. Most employers require that you have a high school diploma, CPR certification and defibrillator certification, which can all be acquired through an emergency medical technician (EMT) training program.

Once you are accepted into an EMT training program, you will need to complete the required coursework and pass a certification exam. This can take anywhere from three weeks to eight months, and costs will vary from school to school.